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History of Socialist Platypus

History of Socialist Platypus

Socialist Platypus history is divided in 4 major periods:


For most of it's existance the platypusian mainland territory wasn't home to any nations, the territory was only populated by tribes living left and right in the dense platypusian jungles, they were for the most part doing quite well for themself in the jungle. As they were developping there own villages tribes which were starting to expend their territory ended up slowly meeting other tribes territory. Some choose to fight for their territory, but the most succesful ones overtime were the tribe allying and uniting themself with each other. This alliance of tribes, which is today said to be the start of the history of the Platypus nation, is supposed to have started to form about 350 years ago in the late 17th century. They are the heart of what makes the nation what it is today, and it's origin. Notably why the Rainforest which is considered to have a major cultural importance for the nation, which notably explain why the rainforest is so heavily protected still today in the nation.


The formation period is considered to have happend around 140 years ago (around the 1880th) with the first written reference to the name Platypus as a nation's name appearing 143 years ago in Platypusian papers, and 138 years ago in a record of a foreign explorer. They do not seem to have been any official papers leading from an important the tribe to a nation, it seems to have been an overtime process, with the name Platypus being a finalisation of the tribe getting to a more organised nation system.
The name platypus is known to have been chosen because of the importance of this animal in the cultur of most tribe and Platypus considered as sacred animal in many tribes. Today the platypus are still heavily protected for cultural reasons, as the symbol of the nation eventhough those religions almost dissapeared.


Socialism in an integral and one of the most important part of the nation, contrary to most of the socialist system that have existed over the years Socialist Platypus has the particularity to have grown with a socialist system. The late developpement of the nation has caused the nation to grow centralised around the governement composed of what formally were tribe leaders. The governement played such a major role since as Platypus started to create their cities on the coast which meant more room and place to build them, foreign influence also started flooding in with more advanced technologies than the platypusian ones at the time.
Platypus was a minor nation on the world stage, with little to no importance, the only thing that distinguished them from most other nations was the socialist part. People from foreign countries ended up starting to call Platypus, Socialist Platypus and with time, the name took even in the nation, which ended up renaming itself Socialist Platypus officially 91 years ago in 1932.


There have been two major events in Socialist Platypus recent years, the first being the nation's ability to mostly catch up in technology to have today access to a technology that is almost the same as the more advanced one, something unthinkable a 100 years ago.
The Second being the nation's world wide expansion through colonies on islands all over the world, this is considered as the most impactful event out of the two given the fact that it increased Socialist Platypus influence and ressources at a global scale. Being almost everywhere in the World no only means that Socialist Platypus was able to get closer relationships with many nations, it also meant a great pathway for trade between Socialist Platypus and the World. And this is forgetting the last aspect that those islands brought, and the most well known internationally: Tourism.
Socialist Platypus has for the majority of his existance been considered has been considered as an important touristic destination for it's beautiful beaches, jungles, improved by the fact that it has for a very long time already been considered as one of the safest nation to live in, in the world. Those colonies all over the world ramped up Socialist Platypus Tourism industry by, now, not only proposing local travels, but worldwide travels visiting places all around the world in everytype of climate, now having what is known as the World most developped Cruises.