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The Scary Story I made With Your Guys' Ideas/Help :D

With the rain pounding down on the windshield, the man felt safe. The rhythmic pitter-patter of the rain always comforted him and gave him a sense of reassurance. The sound of the squeaky windshield wipers made a percussive beat with the steady drum of the rain. He was driving his motherís old car to a new auto repair shop for an oil change. He had just discovered a nail in the right front car tire and was relieved to find an auto repair shop that was still open at midnight.

As he entered the warm and cheery front office of the shop, he smelled the welcoming fragrance of freshly baked cookies. A wave of nostalgia crashed over the man, as it smelled exactly the same as his grandmotherís baking. Iím craving Grandmaís cookies. The man pressed a bell on the counter, but nobody came. The man looked around and saw a sign directing him to sign his name on a clipboard, and to drive the car to the garage behind the office. After signing his name on the clipboard, he got back into the warm, heated car. The man saw a sign directing him to enter a traffic loop to get to the garage. The man drove into the traffic loop without questioning it.

The night began to engulf the man in darkness, and the pitter-patter of the rain turned into a heavier thrumming. The man gazed at the pretty plants at the side of the loop and was soothed by the familiar rumble and rattle of the engine. Huh, thatís interesting, the man thought. A prickly cactus by the side of the loop looked so unusual. It was shaped like a teapot, with one limb twisted like a teapot handle and the other pointed up like a spout. In the moonlight, it had an eerie sheen to it. Donít be ridiculous, the man thought. Itís just a plant.

The second series of loops-- at least he thought they were a second series of loops-- they looked exactly the same as the last ones. The teapot cacti still stood in the same place. The man looked behind him, but there was nothing there. Where did the road go? The gardeners most likely planted identical-looking cacti for each of the multiple traffic loops. ButÖwhy did the road disappear? I entered from that way, didnít I? The man quickly felt disoriented. He looked ahead and fixed his eyes on the garage up ahead. Nothing to worry about. The man rubbed his eyes, and focused on the road.

The man started to get dizzy from going around in circles and was fed up with this seemingly infinite loop. The man stopped the car and looked around. The teapot cacti disappeared. He looked behind him and saw the front office of the auto repair shop, but saw no roads leading him to the office. He frowned. This was taking forever. The rainís previously comforting rhythm now began to sound like an ominous steady beat of a big drum. The carís headlights, windshield wipers, and heating system abruptly flicked off at the same time. What is going on? A disconcerting chill swept up and down his spine.

Suddenly, there was a clatter of falling objects behind the manís car. What was that? The man bolted upright in his seat, spooked. At this point, he didnít care about the nail in his tire any more, he just wanted to turn around and go home. The man climbed out of the car and into the pouring rain. With no nearby source of light, it was almost impossible to see, especially with the rain hitting him from every direction. More strange noises around him made him jolt for a second, but he chuckled to himself. Címon, donít be silly. This was like the old days when my older brother would chase me around the woods. Brushing away some leaves that always seemed to stab his face, the man walked on.

The man then remembered he had a flashlight in his car. He could feel the mud from the wet dirt soaking into his socks, and he began to regret leaving the car. He started back for his car, but his field of vision was filled with numerous plants and cacti. Were there this many plants before? The man couldnít remember. The density of the plants seemed strange to him. Which direction did I walk from originally? He forgot. Everything was just so similar. Where is north? South? How am I going to get out of this? How do I get home? The man began to run frantically and panicked as he became more and more disoriented. He kept running, thinking he would reach the end at some point. Was it his imagination, or did the multiple cacti grow larger around him? As the man continued running, his screams pierced the quiet night, just as the growing cacti needles impaled him.

The manís handwritten signature on the clipboard and his abandoned car would be the only trace of him before he disappeared.

:D I love killing characters