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Corruption AU(Alternative Universe) and What It Is (NationHumans)

So! You might be confused on what this panel is, what the characters are doing, and what are they. Hopefully I will explain it all in this dispatch.

(A link to the image)

What is this panel?
This is a panel derived from a comic requested by the Seraph Foundation and Tuskena.

What are the characters doing?
They are performing their part of the script:
BloomFairy: Hey Seraph?
Seraph: Do you mean me?
Tuskena: Or me?
Multiple copies of both: Or us?

What… are they? What is happening?
Okay. Story time.
One day of role playing I stumbled across these to RMB posts.

Uclosa wrote:Uclosan Province of Theacianzarum

The beings that had left the machine all alone in the middle of the desert came back to it , not knowing they were followed

#:"Guh , i need to fix the machine it appears to be broken"
&:" i don't want to make you panic but He's here"
#:"God damnit , ok buy me some time i need to fix the machine , once it's repaired we're going for 2100 , hope that'll be early enough"
&:"Roger that !"

The being armed with daggers rushed at the one that had followed them , when she jumped in the air her oppenent created a sword made of magic and sent a fireball in the direction of the Machine , the third being reacted quickly and spawned a barrier , the fireball still cracked it a bit , proof that he was on a whole other level , the being was wearing a dark green hoodie, a fox tail was also noticeable , he appeared to have parts of his body and tail covered in purple substance the three beings refered to as the "Corruption" , the girl armed with daggers rushed at him avoiding all fireballs...suddenly the being stepped back as two more tails emerged from his back , it appeared that this would be a long battle.

To be continued

Uclosa wrote:It's a set of complicated feelings an AI would probably wouldn't understand , all you must know is i mean you no harm , i just need that old lab again to finish a little something

It doesn't matter anymore anyways

He coughed up purple goo

These inspired me to create the Corruption, or Rantsar virus as others know it.

The symptoms are:
-coughing up purple goo (obviously)
-congealed blood, purple to be specific.
-black blood seeping through veins, visible through skin
-black vines under skin “wrapping around you”

The stages are:
1. coughing up purple goo (amount: minimal)
2. coughing up purple goo (amount: a lot), black blood/vines start appearing on hands, lower leg
3. Black veins pop out of skin and being actually wrapping around you, victim is bedridden, eyes start crying purple tinted tears.
4. (Death) Heart is strangled by black vines. Flesh behind and above heart is hollowed out, corrupted heart is exposed, purple goo, black blood, and purple tears behind violently expelling from body. Death in maximum of two seconds.

I chose to draw Corruption/the Rantsar virus in that panel. Seraph is stage 3, Tuskena is stage 4. More corrupt nations catch the virus, pass it on to less corrupted nations (who die soon).

Why did you do this?
If there can be multiple Sanses from Undertale, why not NationHumans?