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Ideas that we can decide whether they can be canon or forgotten

Please be aware that the ideas are numbered as they appear. There is more than likely to be an unproved idea behind, above, or below a canonized or forgotten one. The most recent is at the bottom.

Idea 1: At any time the head nation decides, one puppet will follow the exact movements of the head nation
For example,
REU (and their puppets), Uclosa (and their puppets), and Southern Sulter (and their puppets) are trapped in an alleyway, their escape path blocked by a tangle of writhing Rantsar vines.
*Uclosa performs this action on Izenca, causing them to dissolve vines closer to the way they came while Uclosa dissolves a path in front of them simultaneously. They work in perfect synchronization, like tango partners*
Or Forgotten
I don't think we really need this tho??

Idea 2: the Most Corrupt nations in Kantrias who are in Stage 4 of Rantsar will become the living Corrupted, corpses who are walking hunks of flesh and minimal resemblance to the nation they were before. Their only goal is to infect and kill other nations and return to the heart of Rantsar (which will be explained and given a location at a later date)
For example,
Saldagon sits up, their mind foggy and blank. They don’t remember what happened, only that everything hurts. Those were the last thoughts Saldagon would ever have.

They became one of the living Corrupted.

Staggering out of bed, they heaved their head to the right. Saldagonian doctors started at the NationHuman before them as black vines emanated from their back and suddenly impaled the surrounding doctors, filling them with the same purple substance Saldagon left a trail of. After everyone in the room was dead, he ambled over to the window, dissolving into a purple and black goo and slipping under the window, out into the open world.
Or Forgotten?

Idea 3: Puppets will have their own ships, regardless of the person behind the screen.
For example,
Imagine all the ships with EC and Uclosa’s puppets.
Colonies can have their own ships but never with the original nation’s ship/partner in the ship.
Canonized. As of October 28, 2020
Or Forgotten

Idea 4: All nations who obtain animal characteristics wether they be internal or external may use them in battle.
For example,
Japan dodged Sydkai’s punch, rolling on the floor and becoming airborne, floating weightlessly and whisking around the room with a buzz.
"Hah! Two can play at this game!"
Sydkai's falcon wings unfolded to become visible, and they pierced through the air as if gravity weren't a thing.

A handful of confetti in hand, Kamilistan launched himself into the air. Uclosa screeched from the sudden movement, and cowered from the confetti and feathers raining down upon them. The orangey-yellow fur on their fox tail and huge fox ears stood on end, and they snarled at Kamilistan's laughter. "Happy Birthday, Uclosa."
Canonized. As of date-that-has-not-been-obtained
Or Forgotten?

Idea 5: Puppets and/or nations that are apparently under the same control can join together and split apart as they please.
For example,
Reborn Empire of Southern Uclosa saw the odds. They were outnumbered 1 to 3. At least for that time.

With a satisfying snap, the three nations separated. Reborn Empire of Ulm, Southern Sulter, and Uclosa smiled at each other as the enemy began backing away.
Or Forgotten?
Zoygarian hive mind is similar to this, so this is canonized.

Idea 6: Ulm is Uclosa and Uclosa is Ulm
For example,

Uclosa wrote:Ulm is Uclosa and Uclosa is Ulm

Canonized. No questions or objections.
Pah. There is no reason for this to be forgotten.

Idea 7: Nations a part of a larger empire or organization can switch positions.
For example, (there can be multiple)
Uclosa craned their neck trying to see above the crowd. He could easily pinpoint where Ulm and Sulter were, and of course they were unnecessarily at the front with the advantage of being tall. They caught each others eyes and tried to switch positions by shuffling through the crowd, but instead after the blink of an eye Uclosa found himself beside Sulter. They both looked at each other with bewildered expressions, then looked back at Ulm. They all were excited about their newfound ability and returned to watching the show.

Too-Technical Japan and Tlaloczki continued running down the snowy villages of Zoygaria. A meeting was about to commence, and they were tasked with trying to find them. The snow fell thickly around the pair, limiting their vision and covering the beautiful architecture with soft, yet possibly lethal blankets of their own.
"I don't mind the motherland taking some me-time, but it is very unlike them to not be at a meeting 30 minutes early." Tlaloczki whispered to their other them.
"I know, right?" Too-Techie agreed.
Suddenly, in the blink of an eye the two found themselves in an owl café with cute birbs and owls of all species staring at the snowy winter wonderland.
"Ohhhh... I suppose they were here! And Sulter told me about the same thing happening with him and his brothers..." Too-Techie muttered to herself. She laughed, and added, "At least we know where to check if Zoygaria is M.I.A!"

Or Forgotten

Idea 8: Colonies can exist as a separate bring from their original NationHuman/empire OR colonies can split apart (not physically, just split from their original NationHuman) from their original and appear either as a ghost or soul-like thing. This will make much more sense when I link something I’ve drawn.
Uclosa sat down in their chair, getting ready for the day with a nice cup of tea. Logging onto their computer, Izenca suddenly appeared on their shoulder, shoving their head with their little ghost hands.
“Can I have some water? My citizens are thirsty.”
(Insert another puppet here) popped out and nestled in their hair beside Uclosa’s left fox ear.
“Me too! Me too!!!”
Uclosa’s office soon erupted with colonies’ voices clamoring for water.
“I want some water!!”
“Me too! Me too!!”
“Heyyy stop pushing! I want water!!!”
Uclosa knocked their head back against the back of the chair, annoyed. He held his head in his hands, groaning.

Or Forgotten?

Idea 9: Multiple Souls.
For example, read these two quotes.

Uclosa wrote:Remember Uclosa has two souls so , yeah

Uclosa wrote:I mean there's the evil one , and the good one that has seemingly been yeeted out of control but is still there so idk if counts as two

Too-Technical Japan wrote:So while staring at the ceiling I thought, if REU and Uclosa can meld together and form a NationHuman with two halves of a flag on their face and basically two souls inhabit one body, what happens to the other body? Would the two souls inhabit one or would the two bodies meld together so they can be 2x taller? The voices would sound very weird tho. That sounds awesome I should draw this.

Too-Technical Japan wrote:*gaasssppp* I GOT IT! The two bodies will meld together and have TWO HEADS for the two souls to inhabit AND IT’LL BE SUPER TALL so the NationHuman can scare everybody! That would be an epic Halloween costume!

Please remember that these are all ideas. They haven’t been made official, and when this one is approved an explanation will follow.
Kinda sorta Canonized

Idea 10: Idk what to call this
So I assume that Mihai and Kolron are tall, because everyone is tall in my perspective, and since the Zobieski family lives in a house together what if Ichika has to carry around a foldable chair or ladder so she can reach the cabinets and stuff?

I know this is being mean to myself but the image is funny
Kinda sorta canonized

Idea 11: Seasons and how they effect our appearance
So, what if it’s spring and a nation has a good environment and lots of pollinators? Like TTJ? Then what if small flowers appear on their arms as a result of the changing seasons? It would be kinda neat, yeah?
Or Forgotten?

Idea 12: Kantrias the house
(Keep in mind that this is not finished)
Kinda Canonized

Idea 13: NationBalls and NationHumans
So one day, Greater Kamilistan asked this.

Greater Kamilistan wrote:Question of the day: WHAT IF YOU SEE YOUR OWN NATIONBALL SUNDDELY APPERAING INFRONT OF YOU , What will you do to it


And we got pretty interesting answers, until Sulter said

Southern Sulter wrote:I'd freak out, yell, kick it, and run away


Greater Kamilistan wrote:They have emotions


Too-Technical Japan wrote:Yay for the garbage trucks and eating!! What if Sulter himself felt the kick

That would be hilarious until he comes running after us

Greater Kamilistan wrote:Yesh , he will the pain the poor bean felt

So to write this all out,
Sulter walked down the deserted sidewalks, the flickering street lamps being his only guide in the vanishing sunlight. It has just finished raining, and everything had that fresh smell. It was also incredibly slippery. Seeing no humans within eyesight, he enlarged and stretched his wyvern wings. The cold air bathed the scaly leather-like skin of Sulter's wings, and he shivered from the sudden shock of cold. His eyes caught on something strange, yet familiar. It was a small (in comparison to him) ball, sitting in the middle of the cracked sidewalk. It had his flag. It was a NationBall. Sulter yelped in surprise, and kicked it.

He gasped from the pain flaring in his abdomen. The shock had brought him to his knees and a hand to clutch his throbbing gut. Sulter wheeled around for a fight, but there was nobody there. Cursing audibly, he glared at the NationBall through squinted eyes. It was also in pain, on its side now and their eyes spinning like you'd see in a cartoon.
"Alright," he grunted. "You and I are going to find the portal from where you came from and I'll toss you back into the realm where you belong."

In conclusion, anything you do to it you feel.
Or Forgotten?

Idea 14: Rylolania, April 29, 2020 - January 2nd, 2021.
What happens when a nation CTEs?
It was quite a nice day today. Lots of people commented on that in their conversations. Most of the heavy clouds as a result of mild pollution had disappeared, it was extraordinary. There were also many flowers, more than usual. But outside of Rylolanian borders for some reason. Nevertheless, they were pretty to look at and smell. Everybody had gathered on their porches, on their way to work or school and enjoyed their day.

Nobody knew it would be their last.

It was now the same time tomorrow.

A newly transformed butterfly summons the strength to launch itself from its vacated cocoon. A baby with the help of its parents is about to take their first step. A couple is about to share their first kiss. And another is about to open the small box containing a ring.

But none of this happens.

Everything is frozen. Any onlookers would have commented on the stillness, but they are just as dead as everyone else.

Suddenly, (pineapples! ASDF movie reference) everything erupts in a horrid, green light. Everything alive it feels instantly turns a sickly shade of gray, and then they disappear. The only thing left is very very fine dust, dust you would dismiss and never think about. It's as if they never existed.

The buildings are subject to the same fate as well, but are only wiped of the things alive. They themselves are not affected, but afterwards the scene would be devastating to anyone who survived this. This is impossible if you are a resident of Rylolania, but any foreign onlookers across the water would be horrified.

All 1.439 billion Rylolanians decimated in a second. Without a scream. Just gone. Like *snaps*. It was literally a ghost town.

Nothing stirred except for the papers likely from a dumpster kicked around by the wind. Discarded bottles rattled around, and the echo bounced off the walls with nothing to abate the sound. The fragrance of flowers could not be smelled and enjoyed, there was nobody around to do so.

This was what happened when a nation CTE'd. Some of you familiar with LinkSCP-001 (the link it is a YouTube video because the website has determined it as classified.) and would have recognized the symptoms. That was a deliberate reference. But the SCP only takes place when the world is about to end, but I guess it is for the Rylolanians. Any foreign land like us will not be affected in what I've written. Anyways, that was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for me. Rest in Peace, Rylo.
Or Forgotten?

Idea 15: Flag Shopping
On March 27-28th, 2021 Zoygaria and Uclosa exchanged the following conversation about

This flag.

Zoygaria wrote:So, here's a question. Does anyone want this flag? Because it doesn't fit with Zoygarian vexillology, and I don't know what to do with it.

Uclosa wrote:I'll take it ig

Zoygaria wrote:You guess? Listen here, this isn't a free sample XD

You only get the flag if you'll actually use it

Uclosa wrote:Who said anything about not using it ;)

This suddenly sparked an idea.
For example,
“In total, we have about [some big amount of money, idk] [currency]. Wow.” TTJ, Clo, and Sulter were busy shopping for a new flag upon a whim. They both knew TTJ was only here to hang out with them, she was given a custom made flag by Zoygaria and never took it off since. Flags were the most important thing about a nation, NationHuman or not. It was the first thing you'd see, heck, it's your face! It must represent your nation, have a voice. It was a long arduous process to select and feel right with a flag for some, and for others it was just a one-and-done thing. But regardless, nobody can compile enough words to explain how important a flag is. Especially the right one.

Upon entering the store, they were almost trampled by the newly founded, refounded, and bored nations of other regions. It was almost always like this sadly. TTJ trailed off upon meeting a few other nations (who he assumed were friends) and Sulter was carried off by the current of the crowd. They both shared a couple glances, and he could see the mild panic in his eyes as he was swept away to Uclosa's amusement.

Clo was busy looking at the options with a cooler color palette near the kiosks where you make your own flag when he bumped into Zoygaria. He was wearing a flag that looked a lot like a mashup of his past ones. Immediately, an apology slipped out. “Oh. Sorry.” Zoygaria seemed pleased to see the Germanic nation, and smiled. “Salut, I was wondering if you’d like this flag. It has no Zoygarian feel to it as well as Zoygarian vexillology.” With a tap the flag was gone and now in Clo’s hands. The familiar vibrant tricolor returned, and Clo equipped the flag made by Zoygaria. He turned around to face one of the mirrors and studied how he looked.

It... fit... honestly.


“Do you like it? Would you like to take it?” Zoygaria’s voice interrupted his thoughts.

“...I’ll take it I guess...” he stuttered out.

“You guess? This is not a free sample. I’ll have to take it back if you won’t use it.” Zoy sounded a bit appalled, but Clo had the perfect comeback.

“Who said anything about not using it?” With a sly smile, he turned and walked away before the Polish(?) nation could say anything.
Or Forgotten?

This will be updated as more ideas begin to appear.