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by The Corvus Rčjk of Porymonia. . 44 reads.


Stella-ray is a new type of communication method discovered by the Porymonians. it was origanlly found when Porymonian scientists where searching for new type of weaponry. after it was found scientist Lew-Gerald picked up a project to research it. it was quickly found that it was a type of ray which is able to travel at insanely fast speeds. after 2 years of testing, with help from Krystalveil, it was found that the then called G2-beam could travel at 1 light years a week and it could travel 3 light years a do if it is perfectly fired. after some testing was done it was clear that this kind of ray is dangerous to humans, because of this it would only be useful to use for communication between planets and not communication on planets. It could also be used as a weapon, but it would only be useful against organic beings, doing 0 damage against anything else. New advancements have been made making a human save version of the Stella-Ray, it was found after more types of Stella-rays were found and the Stella table was made, showing different types of rays and their properties, the new structure uses the S4ray and all nations using the Stella-ray will get a free upgrade. to send and receive the Stella-rays -towers are used. the Soulgodian Ordered has already started on introducing the towers across all their star systems.

The Corvus Rčjk of Porymonia