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The UDS World Assembly Program

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The UDS World Assembly Program
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The World Assembly (WA), is the governing body of the NationStates world. Membership in the World Assembly is voluntary and decisions passed by a majority of the body must be adhered to by all members. Players may only have one nation in the World Assembly at any given time and WA members can endorse the fellow WA members of their region. The WA member with the most endorsements from their fellow region-mates assumes the role of Delegate for that region and the weight of their vote on proposals counts for one plus all of their endorsements.

The Union of Democratic States World Assembly Program ( UDSWAP) is administered by the Chancellery of the Union. The mission of the UDSWAP is to promote and reward World Assembly membership, endorsement of the Delegate, and endotarting among the WA members of the Union. In the Union, the lawful WA Delegate is appointed by the Office of the Chancellor, however, votes on proposals according to the directive of the President who is responsible for setting and executing foreign affairs policy. Increasing endorsements on the delegate serves to safeguard the region, increase native influence, and advance the Union’s foreign affairs interests.

Participating in the UDSWAP is a selfless exciting act of public service that each citizen is called to complete. Engagement with the UDSWAP can additionally serve as a gateway to participation in the great halls of the World Assembly through discussion of proposals. You can participate in the UDSWAP in the following ways:
  1. Join the World Assembly

  2. Endorse the Union's WA Delegate

  3. Swap Endorsements (Endotart)

World Assembly membership is the pathway to elevated international engagement. To join the World Assembly follow the following steps:
  1. Make sure that an email is attached to your nation by visiting the Settings page.

  2. Visit the World Assembly page by clicking here.

  3. At the top of the page, click “ Apply to Join”

  4. Open your email address and confirm your nations entry to the WA by clicking the attached link.

Endorsing the WA Delegate increases regional security and advances the standing of the Union. To endorse the WA Delegate follow the following steps:
  1. Visit WA Delegate Asdersland’s nation page by clicking here.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of Asdersland’s nation page.

  3. Click “ Endorse Asdersland”. If the page reloads and the button says “ Withdraw Your Endorsement”, you’ve successfully endorsed our delegate, Asdersland!

Endotarting is the practice of endorsing all WA members that reside within a given region. Endotarting increases the influence of your nation within the Union, thus protecting the region of external threats. To endotart in the Union follow the following steps:
  1. Visit The North Pacific's endorsement queries page by clicking Linkhere.

  2. Under “Region:” type or copy “The Union of Democratic States”.

  3. Under “Query:” type or copy “!endorsedby:NATION” replacing “NATION” with the name of your nation.

  4. Click “Submit”.

  5. A list of nations you have yet to endorse and corresponding telegram links will appear.

  6. Hold the CTRL key on your keyboard and click on the names of the nations you want to endorse. Tabs with the nation names you click will be opened on your browser. Only open as many tabs as your computer can handle at any given time.

  7. Open these new tabs, scroll to the bottom and click “ Endorse”

  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for all nations on the endorsement list.

For help, watch this quick video from The Glorious Hypetrain on how to do this! Link

To promote the mission of the UDSWAP, various awards are organized by the Chancellery and bestowed upon those who endorse the lawful WA Delegate of the region and their fellow WA member regionmates over the course of a given month. Award dispatches are created by an automated process that analyzes and synthesizes the NationStates daily dumps and are released at the end of each month. The awards issued are broken down as follows:
  • Endotarting Gold Medalists – Awarded to those nations who have endorsed 90% of the World Assembly member nations of the Union.

  • Endotarting Silver Medalists – Awarded to those nations who have endorsed 75% of the World Assembly member nations of the Union.

  • Endotarting Bronze Medalists – Awarded to those nations who have endorsed 50% of the World Assembly member nations of the Union.

  • Guardian Medalists – Awarded to those nations who have endorsed the World Assembly Delegate of the Union.

Compiled below is the official record of all award issue dispatches published by the Office of the Chancellor.

Issue Title

Release Date

1 January 2020

31 January 2020

The Union of Democratic States’ Administrative Team posts and updates dispatches, the Office of the Chancellor administers this program, The Glorious Hypetrain serves as technical advisor, and endotart software is graciously provided by HMS Unicorn of the North Pacific.