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by The República de Honor of The Holy Utopian Republic. . 7 reads.

extensive policies of democratcia

Democraciata wrote:In Democratcia the government pays your rent.

Democraciata wrote:In Democraciata the minimum wage is $30 dollars. Also for people who lose their job we have unemployment insurance that has helped every unemployed Democraciatan.

Democraciata wrote:Democraciata's pension program has helped many senior Democraciatans financially.

Democraciata wrote:Our flag is Nordic-like because we use the very successful Nordic model.

Democraciata wrote:In Democraciata prescription drugs are affordable thanks to our great universal healthcare system.

Democraciata wrote:In Democraciata there is democracy in the workplace and co-ops are common in Democraciata.

Democraciata wrote:In Democraciata every mother and father gets paid leave.

Democraciata wrote:Every poor family in Democraciata receives financial assistance.

Democraciata wrote:Everyone in Democraciata receives school for free from pre-K to college.

Democraciata wrote:Rent is also subsidized by the government.

Democraciata wrote:The government also provides housing for free. (This is optional however you have the option to buy your own house.)

Democraciata wrote:The Democraciatan government also provides free income benefits for the sick retired poor and widows/widowers.

Democraciata wrote:In Democraciata our healthcare system works so well that you won't pay even a penny for a medical treatment.

Democraciata wrote:The Democraciatan government provides free bus rides to cities.