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5-step guide: Make a male president for your nation.

Step 1: Go to LinkThis person does not exist and find a picture of a man on a dark background.
Why on a dark background, you may ask?
A dark background allows you to easier edit the man out of it, even without using photoshop. I used for this with some addons. MadJikPack and BoltBaitPack are the best addon packs. Make sure to download them.

Example picture:

Step 2: Edit the man out using the wand tool and the eraser. Use around 20% tolerance and no anti-aliasing.

Step 3: Find a tuxedo by searching «tuxedo for photoshop».

Step 4: Remove all the clothing from the man and resize/flip him correctly. Sometimes you might want to resize the tuxedo or add some more skin to the neck.
Step 5: Look for artifacts that you might want to remove. Noise with 100 coverage, 0 saturation and 20 intensity is the best one if you want to add noise.
And you're done! Next steps are optional, they will make the picture of your president look better.

Step 6: Crop the man and the tuxedo without cropping out the man.

Step 7: Add a background to the back layer. This will make it way more natural.

And done! You're finished! This is what your result will look like if you follow these 2 steps.

Optionally, you can lower the size.

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