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The República de honor


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Palacio de la unidad

República de Honor


Commonwealths of The República

October Census

Coastal Commonwealth

Population: 57 Million

Capital: Fuerte Valençia

Eastern Commonwealth

Population: 38 Million

Capital: Nuevo puerto

Overseas Commonwealth

Population: 42 million

Capital: Nueva Shara

The República de Honor of The Holy Utopian Republic (The República de Honor) is a vast and spread out nation located mostly on Western Unistan. Its 13 states and 3 territories make up the country, as it shares boarders with Dubokia to the north and neighbouring Hohenzburg to the south. The largest city in the República is Nuevo Puerto, located in the state of Hispania. Of course due to this and the fact it is a coastal state, the state of Hispania is the most populated out of every state.

Various peoples have inhabited The República in The East Pacific. The majority of residents in The HUR are ethnic Utopian. However, The HUR embraces foreign cultures and hopes to deepen future relations with others.

The República is a Presidential Republic run alongside the Congress and Parliament. With elected lawmakers from the Congress voting on bills in the Senate and State Assembly. After which, the Parliament will vote on the issue passed by the Congress. The constitution of The República implies that the President has veto power if he/she so chooses.

The República also ranks as a key power-player on the continental stage. Boasting a large military and large economy, The República is ranked alongside world-regional "superpowers" and will continue to follow suit.

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