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Profile for Alis

LYNX System Terminal

SYS: >>Accessing file - Profile for Alis




Identification Details

Name: Alis

Titles: Girl In The Machine

General Information

Gender: Female

Nationality: AOU ???

Occupation: ATAC

Affiliation: Reaper Squadron


I've already spoke a bit about Alis in the file The Truth I've Seen.

She was born somewhere in AOU territory.

The AOU wanted to make us believe that she was just an advanced AI. She's actually a real flesh-and-blood human. Even more, she's a ciconia-born.


Alis has blue eyes and gray hair that is just longer than shoulder length. She's hooked up directly to the ATAC.


Alis is very supportive, caring, and protective. Almost innocent in a certain way.


Reaper Squadron - Friends.

Special Abilities

All-Terrain Advanced Carrier: She's linked up with the ATAC in a very sophisticated way. The ATAC has essentially become part of her body.

Spirit of Motherwill: She's very supportive and protective and will try to do everything to protect us. Just like we want to protect her.

Reaper Squadron: We're here for her. Always.


We don't know much about her background. Alis suffers from amnesia and can't even tell us much about her past. At best, she's able to recall vague memories.

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