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Nomad RP

I have decided to the conclusion I will make an nomad rp, you can choose to be in Central Asia, Mongolia, or Siberia. In Siberia you will be centered around Lake Baikal and max populations for starting off are 155k. Everyone's starting army size depends on populous. Minimum populous is 5k.

500 troops-5k to 15k populous

1k troops 17k to 25k populous

1.5-3k troops-30-35k populous

4k-5k troops-36k-155k populous

You can rp migration with a minimum of 5 lines if you are migrating on the step. If you decide to go to Europe or places such as India and Iran/Persia, you must rp heavily on it.

Feel free to use any existing tribes or make your own nomadic tribe! Please describe its history in good detail with a needed minimum of 10 sentences. A map of 985 will be used. You cannot godmod (ex. Our tribe would use all of their populous and would easily defeat the invading tribe) will result in a ban. You need to think hard and crunch numbers and economy depends on horses and fertile grass. Siberia is the worst excluding Baikal, Mongolia is decent, and Central Asia is the best grass. A map will be added soon and any requests will be accepted. Weapons are only: Horses with spear or bow, archer, and spearman.