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Political Campaign Season

MFR Political Dispatch #874

The political season is coming to a close, with the General Elections tomorrow! Lets see how the parties have been doing in the polls leading up to tomorrow's election... (Number represents their popularity. Higher number, higher popularity. Of course, this is about effectiveness of campaigns and such, there are still advantages for the bigger parties coming into tomorrow.)

Christian Bloc - 1

Liberals - 17

MSCP - 13

Greens - 10

FPM - 11

TLI - 20

SCorp - 1

Labor Party - 15

Royalist Party - 17

National Party - 20

Anarchists - 6

PPM - 8

To find out more of what each party stands for, check out our handy guide to the political parties and candidates right here!

Political Parties

The Names, colors and party chairs from each party are listed, as well as the issues the party generally supports or opposes.

Christian Bloc (Blue): Lazarus Corden
Anti-abortion, Anti-death penalty, Christian Democracy, social welfare, Antidisestablishmentarianism, anti-LGBTQ

Liberals (Yellow): Tomas Manuel
Secularism, Technocracy, Free-market, free speech, Liberalism, medium government, Centrism, pro-LGBTQ

MSCP (Madrinpoor Social Conservative Party) (Pink): Anne Kelma
Social Conservatism, Big-tent, Family Values, anti-LGBTQ, anti-Atheism, Tough on Crime, anti-legalization, internet decency

Greens (Green): Cynth Serellas
Environmentalism, Grassroots Democracy, Proportional Representation, Social Justice, Green Politics, native integration, legalization

FPM (Freedom Party of Madrinpoor) (Orange): Haralda Galle
Militarism, anti-immigration, low taxes, tough on crime, social conservatism, small government, right-populism, native separation

National Party (Brown): Vincent Gererro
Nationalism, Madrinpoor First, Protectionism, anti-immigration, authoritarianism, native separation

TLI (Tlingit Liberation Initiative) (Chartreuse): Don Witenka
Tlingit Representation, native integration, anti-immigration, ecological protection, indigenous rights

SCorp (Gray): Neil Hamme
Privatization, low taxes, small government, pro-business, pro-immigration, deregulation

Labor party (Navy): Charle DeGabere
Democratic Socialism, Guild Socialism, Labor Reform, Unionization, left-populism

Royalist party (Black): Charles Huntingworth III
Monarchist Restoration

Worker's Party (Red): Marsh Trai
Communism, Conscription, elimination of private property, abolition of capitalism

PPM (Pirate Party Madrinpoor) (White): Hoz Anone
e-Democracy, net neutrality, patent law reform, Direct Democracy, government transparency

AP (Anarchist Party) (Purple): None
Anarchy, Tribalism, Collectivism, Primitivism

Current Party Representation in Parliament

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