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Ralph Dawson

Ralph Dawson
President of Thromsa
Assumed office
10 June 2016



Preceded by

Valériane Gosselin

Prime-Minister of Thromsa
In office
18 October 2008 - 27 January 2014


Landon Powers
Valériane Gosselin

Preceded by

Auguste Monette

Succeeded by

Adelaide Harrelson

Secretary of State for Taxation
In office
29 November 2004 - 20 March 2006


Hubert Pierre

Preceded by

Brice Abel

Succeeded by

Christophe Comtois

Secretary of State for Public Administration
In office
16 March 2002 - 29 November 2004


Hubert Pierre

Preceded by

Magalie Samson

Succeeded by

Angelica Hambleton

Director-General for Taxes
In office
24 February 1999 - 16 March 2002

Minister for Finance

Samantha Coleman

Preceded by

Alastair MacAngus

Succeeded by

Anaëlle O'Boyle

Personal details


Ralph Alexander Cameron Dawson
7 June 1962
St. Margaret's Church, Chestershire



Political party

Independent (1997 - )
Liberal Whig of Chestershire (1982-1997)
New Labour of Chestershire (1978-1982)


Stéphanie Dawson (m. 1987)




Benjamin Dawson
Regina Dawson


St. Margaret's Church Secondary School

Alma mater

University of St. Alban's Church (S3)
University of York (LL.B./B.C.L. (Hons.))
University of Pacifica (LL.M.)
Orleans School of Administration (DSS)
University of Orleans (Ph.D.)


Olivet Hall


Ralph Alexander Cameron Dawson (born June 7, 1962) is a Thromsonian politician and civil servant, who has been serving as President of Thromsa since 10 June 2016.

Born in St. Margaret's Church, Chestershire, Dawson graduated from the Universities of St. Alban's Church, of York, of Pacifica and of Orleans, and attended the Orleans School of Administration.

Early life

Born in St. Margaret's Church in 1962, he is the son of Benjamin Dawson, a restaurant manager, and Regina Dawson (née Hambleton), a nurse. Dawson has a sister, Pamela (b. 1969).

He was educated by his grandmother, Edith, a retired school teacher, until he reached Primary School age, entering St. Mary Primary School and then the bilingual Harmony Clinton Middle School, and then St. Margaret's Church Secondary School, where he graduated with an A*, achieving an average of 11.3 out of 12 on his Federal Secondary Education Examinations. On his final year in School, Dawson joined the New Labour Youth, achieving some local significance.

Interested in Politics, Dawson entered the University of St. Alban's Church, graduating Associate in Social Sciences (S3), in 1980 with a major in Political Science and a minor in Economics, presenting an essay entitled "'Taxation is theft'? A critical answer", finishing 1st class.

His incredible grade awarded him a scholarship to the University of York, where he joined for a double degree in Common Law and Civil Law (LL.B./B.C.L. (Hons.)), graduating in 1984 presenting a Honours Dissertation entitled "Social responsibility in taxation", graduating 1st class honours. While in University Dawson met Regina Dawson, a classmate and fellow Cestrian, and one of her acquintances, Winton Harford, Leader of the Liberal Whig Youth of York, which had a major influence in Dawson's political thought, with him eventually leaving New Labour to join the Liberal Whig Part of Chestershire.

After his Bachelor degree Dawson moved to Pacifica and worked as Intern Associate Counsel at Turnbull Credit, while attending University of Pacifica for a Masters in Tax Law (LL.M.) and taking two French Language courses at Louis Phillippe University. In 1986 Dawson presented his Masters' Thesis on "The interdependency of federal and subect's tax administration", being awarded 1st class honours.

In 1988 Dawson applied to the Orleans School of Administration, graduating with a Diploma of Specialised Studies in Public Administration, and then joining the Directorate-General for Taxes as a Junior Inspector the year after. Due to his academically excellent curriculum Dawson was invited to be Assistant Chief of the Tax Directorate for Orleans in 1991.

While on the civil service, Dawson applied to the University of Orleans for a Ph.D. in Tax Law, being accepted and presenting a Thesis on "The autonomy of the Tax Procedure", being awarded 1st class honours in 1996, in the jury was Samantha Coleman, a Senator at the time, that invited Dawson to be Director-General for Taxes the year after, when Coleman became Minister for Finance.

After internal political instability in the Liberal Whig Party of Chestershire, Dawson withdrew from the party.

Political life

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