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David Mcmahon (Icarus RP Character)

Character Description
    Name: David Mcmahon
    Gender: Male
    Original Lifespan: 19192003 (83 years old)
    Biological Age now: 38

Strengths and Weaknesses
    Skills: Marksmanship, Business
    Weaknesses: PTSD

    Backstory: David Mcmahon was born in New York City on September 24, 1919 to Irish immigrants. He grew up an only child and in high school attended St. Francis Prep. Upon America's entry into WWII in 1941 he enlisted in the Army and was deployed to the Pacific. Because of the war he developed PTSD. In 1946 he co-founded Mcmahon Industries with his childhood sweetheart Josephine and, together, they gradually transformed the company into a multinational conglomerate. Mcmahon and Josephine eventually married and had six children together.
    Cause of death: Murdered by Mcmahon Industries COO Richard Santiago.

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