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by The Holy Empire of Ipugao. . 13 reads.

Gate: Thus we united as one and fought there

On January 18, 2021 a mysterious gate had appeared in the capitol causing civilians to approach it in curiosity. A few minutes after this was happening a force of 100,000 strong consisting of Roman looking soldiers, wyverns, orcs, goblins and some other fantasy creatures came out of the gate and attacked the civilians.

After a few minutes the military was sent in to intervene.After hours of fighting they've not just stoped this barbaric invasion but stomped it back from whence it came.

However hundreds if not thousands of civilians were missing and are presumed captured by the the hostiles and more are dead on the street.But the military captured around 10,000 of the hostiles and 25,000 of their camp followers and they secured the gate on our side too.

After a month's worth of preparation the military was sent to secure the other side of the gate.

To be Continued...