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The Indonesian Herald | Prime Minister Ernst Jansen under fire from right wing nationalists | May 2, 2022


PM Jansen under fire:
Prime Minister Jansen is under fire from right wing nationalists. Are their reasons reasonable? Most certainly.

Representatives of France and Indonesia respectively read over the agreements Prime Minister Jansen and President Macron discussed and approved.

May 2, 2022 - 6:00pm


The Indonesian Herald: Standard Edition

JAKARTA Indonesian Prime Minister Ernst Jansen is under fire from right wing nationalists for "surrendering Indonesia's sovereignty" to France by "ecstatically" supporting the idea of French military bases on Indonesian territory.

Earlier today, Indonesian Prime Minister Ernst Jansen and French President Emmanuel Macron wrapped up about a day's worth of negotiation, discussion and thinking following the end of a successful conference between the two. PM Jansen came out of the conference pleased at the final results, saying that "Macron and I had similar views of what needed to be done".

The conference resulted in plans for Indonesian embassies in Nice and Marseille, France, an in-the-works trade deal between France and Indonesia, Indonesian purchase of French armaments and the exchange of space exploration technology and knowledge.

The Prime Minister is under fire from right wing nationalist groups for allegedly surrendering Indonesia's sovereignty to France. Although the Prime Minister's press officer has denied these accusations on behalf of the Prime Minister, his opposition remains firm. As a direct result of this, and overworking, as mentioned in a recent tweet by the Prime Minister, Jansen has decided to go on a temporary break from politics and has appointed Mark Rutte, Acting Parliamentary Majority Leader, to be Acting Prime Minister.

In order to re-balance Indonesia's top tiers of government, Prabowo Subianto was made National Security Advisor and Supreme General of the Armed Forces until the return of Jansen and Majority Leader John Wyden. Jansen is expected to return to office sometime in early June 2022.

This was published Wednesday, May 2, 2022 | Indonesia

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