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Education: Xeralaversian prides itself education being top 30% of the world and growing. Education is a backbone of a growing nation. Teaching basic elementary and secondary education is an important part of becoming a productive member of society.

School is a requirement of all citizens under the age of 25.
School is non-schedule conforming. School days are 6.5 hour days starting at 9 am until 3:30 pm. Year schedules run as 30-day months and require 5 days off every 2 weeks and the schools choose how that works for their own curriculum.
Two-week breaks will be added throughout the year for life enrichment and harvest seasons as well as a 45-day summer break during the hottest time of the year.

Requesting time off from school is accepted at any age, per parents or guardians deem the need, and will not result in social welfare checks or truancy.

Birth to 5 years- Optional: Daycare and preschool-aged children are taught fundamentals and potty training if you choose.
5-8 years- Manners and behavior are taught in school along with basic reading, writing, and arithmetic. Etiquette is essential to healthy learning habits.
8-14 years- Math, Advanced reading, problem-solving, Economic discussions, and skills testing are at the forefront of education.
This is a time for young people to learn and develop what direction of education they enjoy while learning basic life skills.
14-18 years- Advanced studies are available. Beginning college coursework and trade schools are available to be tested and explored freely without commitment.
Some examples;
Farming and Agriculture
Computer Technology
Social Welfare
Education and Mentorship
Medical Technology

18-25 years- These years are spent developing and selecting college or trade. Journeymen training and proficiency of a craft or
25+ years is elective education. Citizens have optional schooling for mastering a craft.
Anyone who has mastered their choice of craft successfully receives an automatic low interest “loan” for the housing of their choice without a focus on credit and based on education level. Anyone who has mastered their selected educational choice can receive higher pay and higher retirement benefits which are matched by the government.
To keep citizens interested in higher education without creating unbalanced wage gaps is to keep the competitive market for higher education open.
Xeralaversian citizens and business taxes fund the education system and pay teachers’ fair wages as a government employee and happen to be one of the top 10 income-earning jobs.
Investing in education is an investment in the future.