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Xeralaversists also believe if UH is a human right.
Xeralaversists follow the Universal Healthcare system that has been implemented in the nation. Humans must attempt to make fair and healthy choices for themselves given the accessibility of quality healthcare to qualify for the benefits of UH. Healthcare is paid through a tax increase solely based on income.
Businesses are taxed 12% of profitable income and is paid to UH. Tax is not based on the whole gross earned.
UH covers basic needs based on the individual. Individuals are required to follow Dr.'s advice.
*AMA may disqualify you from certain coverage.
• Ex: Cirrhosis of the liver due to excessive drinking and requires a transplant. The citizen must complete the doctor’s recommendations, which may include no consumption of alcohol and alcohol treatment. Failure to do so may only allow for Doctor recommended medicinal treatments based on citizens' habits. All decisions will be left to Physician and their medical practice.
Basic needs qualify as following:
Routine Doctor visits.
Specialty clinics fall under UH as recommended by Physician or Medical Practice.
Prescription drug coverage is a tier system based on the equipment, supplies, and labor in which is needed to produce medications and not a for-profit system.
Any out of pocket expenses can be written off from taxable income.
All people have the right to choose the best for themselves and their bodies.
Dental and orthodontic work falls under UH.
• All other elective cosmetics that are deemed unnecessary for quality of life are not fully covered. Out of pocket premium is paid. Ex: Anesthesia to remove wisdom teeth is covered fully. Additional cost for added cosmetic veneers
* if DDS deems veneers as not necessary in quality of life.
Dentures fall under UH as teeth can become problematic regardless of hygiene habits.
*Not routinely visiting a dentist throughout life and now in need of root canals from bad oral hygiene may impede coverage of root canals but will allow coverage for extractions and dentures for quality of life purposes and to not create a burden on UH system.
**ALL DECISIONS ARE IN THE HANDS OF your self-selected representative, i.e. M.D., D.D.S., Ph.d, so forth and not directly regulated by any government official.

Reproductive rights, birth control; medicinal or surgical is covered under UH.
*Reversal of elective surgical sterilization may not qualify under UH.

All Mental Health is covered under UH. UH provides social workers that are equipped to handle any mental health stress calls with the addition of specially trained police teams if deemed necessary.
*No firearms are permitted on an MH call. All Mental health interventions require life-long follow-ups and will be given a resource and social welfare sites throughout the nation for quicker response time and accessibility all paid through UH system.

UH is a medical plan for all and still may require a co-pay based on sliding scale income. No one facility is allowed to refuse quality medical healthcare to anyone since anyone living in Xeralaversian falls under the UH coverage unless refusal to identify ones-self.