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non-canon lore or something

(this is just some worldbuilding I'm writing since I am to lazy to put it in a word document and I'm to used to ns. this is not canon in the ATA rp or any rp I'm participating in)

Inner worlds
the inner worlds have the homeworlds of first species that went into space. the inner worlds have some of the most advanced races and is a pretty big population center. teh inner worlds hold a big economic power and are very strong. the inner world nations are not united which takes away some of their strength and makes them more vunrable against empire like the Cern. some nations in the inner world have united forming the Stellar confederacy. most wormhole travelways lead to the inner worlds.

deeper worlds
the deeper worlds are a region close to the center of the galaxy. it is mostly made up of older stars and is dangerous to travel through. it only has a few small empires in it with the Babalunes being the biggest, holding claim of Doluzia, Kavux, Ipsumonia and Povusian. most deeper world nations are against the inner worlds which try to exploit the many resources located in the region. even tho they are small they tend to defend their region pretty well due to the dangerous environment enemies would have to go through. the Cern Empire holds a monopoly on trading with them

Stellar confederacy
the Stellar confederacy used to be part of the inner world region. it was origenally made to defend against the growing threat of the expanisionist Cern Empire. most of the nations within the Stellar confederacy agreed on joining it, there are a few small nations on stars within the borders that suffer under the confederacy since they did not comply to join. the confederacy is build up of different empires which are only doing this for self gain making the nation unstable.

Cern empire
the Cern empire is a massive space empire which made massive expansions over the last few decades. it is made up by more then a 1000 stars which are all strictly ruled by the Cern. the Cern itself are a hive like race. with a emporer on top which rules the entire empire. they are native to the Cern star and have build themselves into cyborgs over the years. the Cern is the biggest and most powerful empire at this time.

second worlds
the second worlds is the biggest region in the known galaxy. a big chunk used to be part of the Hamun empire and alien species are very diverse throughout it. the worlds in the region try to make money and grow power by selling things to the richer innerworlds. the region is the most peaceful and stable even tho it is the biggest. most of them don't directly intervene in wars but do support different factions in big wars.

Border space
border space is the most unstable region in the known galaxy. it was not very thriving to begin with, acting the same as the second worlds now during the Hamun era. a few decades ago it descendented into anarchy, due to raiders coming from unknown space. the raiders started to pillage worlds all across the border space, most empires there collapsed and it now exists of a lot of 1 planet nations trying to survive raids. some people decided to start raiding too collapsing the region more. to this day the region is a hellhole of small states, criminal bosses, warlords and raiders all trying to grap as much as possible. only a few nations there are part of the galactic assembly.

the Calarni is a big isolated empire who came from the unknown galaxy. nobody know much about them and they have different technology from the rest of the known universe.

Galactic assembly
the galactic assembly is an assembly of nations which set up international rules for all interstellar affairs in the known galaxy. it was originally created by the Uzonian empire after a brutal war with another empire. 2 planets were destroyed an the Uzonian empire decided that laws must be set up where nations would not completely destroy each other, they reached out to hunderds off nations and the assembly grew quick. once a nation reaches owning an entire planet and they are present in space they get invited. within the assembly member are able to propose galactic laws and can vote on them. a law needs a 60% approval vote to pass and the law will stand for the entire known galaxy, there are only a few rules set up for what kind of laws can be done. before a proposel is submitted an assigned person from the Uzonian empire will check if it doesn't break the rules. votes are decided by your population, every million people counts as one vote, it is up to the nation to decide if the people in the nation actually vote or if the government will represent the entire nation. almost all of the nations within the inner worlds and second worlds are part of the assembly, the Cern Empire and the galactic confederacy are also part, a few nations in border space and deeper worlds are part. if a nation which is present in space breaks any of the rules a war will follow, every nation in the assembly is obligeted to declare war on them.
the official calender approved by the Galactic assembly is the Humanis calender, an official year is 347 days and a day is 25,5 hours. the timeline starts when humans got into space space for the first time

Cacusian union
the Cacusian union is a nation made up by two species. the Kaku and the Cici. the Kaku is a race native to the planet of Cacus, they evolved there and lived a primitive life. they weren't very advanced and didn't advance much past a stone age for the 5 million years they have been on the planet. a hunderd years ago an unkown race arrived on the planet, they called themselfs the Cici. they in difference to the Kaku were very advanced and immidiatly started to build cities on the planet. at first the Kaku and the Cici were very hostile to eachother, it began by the Kaku stealen weapons and resources from the Cici. the Cici responded by attacking various nomadic groups of the Kaku murdering of the Kaku, the Kaku would respond by raiding cities of the Cice killing a lot of them and destroying houses. the Cici were build very weak which lead to the Kaku being able to slaughter millions. the Cice started devoloping exo-skeletons in which they would live and be able to stand up against the Kaku. the Cici also started building better defences to their cities which would eventually lead to many Kaku losses. the war went on for 50 years until tribe leaders of the Kaku and the emporor of the Cici decided that the conflict must end. they came together on a holy volcano of the Kaku where the Cacusian union was formed. it was decided that the Cici would leave the Kaku alone if the Kaku would stop attacking their cities. in return the Kaku could live to their own culture and would be able to trade technology with the Cici with resources they mine. the Cici and the Kaku would build a confederate government where both sides had equal say in how Cacus should be ruled. like that the Cacusian union was formed. the Kaku and Cice worked together ever since with only a few conflicts. there still is tension between the sides but the leaders of both sides keep things down.
the Cice is an intellegent race, they came from a dying star and settled in Cacus. they choose the planet because it is the closest they found to their own. they are small and not build for much movement. they are herbivours. in their early days their race would mostly sit around inventing things, trying to automate things as much as possible so that they could spend more time thinking. the next few thousand years they would advance, they invented robots, spaceships and much more. the star they were orbiting was old and was almost at the end of it's life, the Cici saw this and decided they must find another planet fit for their society. they decided to settle on Cacus. there they would develop a kind of exoskeleton which made them much stronger. the skeletons were designed to give users a supply of food and let them do things with the least effort. the Cici are on average 60 cm tall and 250 cm with their exo-skeletons. 1,1 billion live on Cacus.
the Kaku are a humonoid race which evolved on Cacus. their bodies are almost build the same, but they are less inventive then humans. Cacus used to be a lot cooler but after a major shift in tectonic place it made a hell-like environment. the Kaku then went almost extinct but adepted. they started covering themselves with thicc robots which would protect them from dangerous ashes. these clothes would later be improved as they got technology from teh Cice. the Kaku are on average 180 cm tall and 300 million live on Cacus

A Kaku on the left and a Cici on the right

Cacus is a lava planet located in the Hava system, it has a diameter of 17.000 kilometers. it is populated by the Kaku and the Cici, which makes up the population of 1.4 billion. the planet is enriched by a material called Mytalium, which is perfect for shipbuilding, this makes the system the economic center of shipbuilding and the Cici trade a lot with shipbuilding companies like Ga-H and Mino. the planet used to be a bare rock with some plants until about a million years ago there were massive changes in the tectonic plates, bringing Mytalium from the core up. the Kaku found it but found it useless, later the Cici came who also found it and found how useful it was. the Cici later started buying the material from the Kaku and also started mining it themself. Cacus has 1 moon name Mondi, it has a diameter of 1500 kilometers and is uninhabited.


Paliq is a gas giant in the Hava system. it has a diameter of 50.000 kilometers. the planet is surrounded by giant shipyards which create a big portion of the spaceships in the galaxy, it is also a big refueling station with gasses from the planet being used as fuel. it has 89 moons with the biggest being Gadamor. it has a diamet of 4500 kilometer. Gadamor is home to Hazalians, an alien specie known for being to withstand great temperatures and which is perfect for shipbuilders. on the moon the Hazalians lived, they are not native to the moon moving there when the Hamun empire was at it's peak. they were originally colonisers from their homeplanet and saw the moon as a perfect base of operations for the ship yards of the Hamun empire. after the Hamun empire crumbled due to it's size the moon became independent. the moon serves to this day as a factory planet which makes fuel of Paliq's gasses and as a stockpile to store materials for the shipyards
list of Paliq's companies
from biggest to smallest

1. Mino
shipbuilding company, Hazalian race

2. Ga-H
shipbuilding company, human race

3. Advord
fuel making company, Hazalian race

4. Dan-tum
shipbuilding company, Garmanur race

5. Juza Manori
parts manufacturer, human race

6. inkino
shipbuilding company, Hazalian race

7. Paza-dir
shipbuilding company, Cici race

8. Pada-Du
shipbuilding company, Tata race

9. Ce Mino
parts manufacturer, Hazalian race

the Cern empire is a massive nation in the known galaxy. they originated from a specie called the Cerneans who were native to the planet Cern III. they are ruled by a hive mind called the Cern emporer. the Cern emporer came to power by building up an army of hypnotized Cerneans. he started a civil war on Cern III and took over the planet. he hypnotized the whole population and put them in his army. he started developing a space fleet which took the population to the planet Cern II, abondoning Cern III. the Cern started to trade with the deeper worlds where they got permission to mine resources. the Cern emporer ordered construction of a giant ring around the star Cern I. to produce parts Cern II started to transform into a factory planet. to fuel the construction a dyson swarn was made around Cern I. in 2 decades the ring was done which was transformed into a giant fuel source for the hive mind. a fortress was build on it where the Cern emporer would live. when construction was done the Cerneans started laying eyes on neighbouring systems. they started expanding rapidly enslaving other species into the hive. the ones who were not hypnotized work in labour cities on their planets guarded by the Cern. to increase military power the Cern started to mass produce space ships who were part of the hive and they started robotizing the pawns. the hypnotized people became cyborgs, with little organs left. with this new military power the Cern empire became the largest nation within a few decades. they count a population around 23 trillion and own well over a 1000 solar systems.

Cern II
Cern II is a planet in the Cern system. it has a diameter of 12.000 km. the planet has been transformed into a factory/city planet by the Cerneans. it is used as the capital of the Cern empire and with an estimated 900 billion inhabitants it is the most populated planet of the Cern empire. the city is made out of levels. there are 10 levels on the planet, each a kilometer high. the city is made out of 10 levels above the planets crust and more levels underground. the highest levels are cities where the Cerneans live while the lower levels become much more industrialised. underground there are unhpnotized races, trying to escape from the Cerneans. they and the Cerneans are in a constant war trying to get hold of the lowest regions. which is quite hard for the Cerneans due to the poor infrastructure.
Cern III
Cern III is a planet in the Cern system ruled by the Cerneans. it is made up of a rock called Julaphit. it is a greenish rock which allows mosses to grow on it, which makes up most of the plants on the planet. it is swampy in most places and around 30% of the surface is water. the water is mostly shallow but has some deep trenches. the planet used to be the Cerneans, but most of them have abbandoned the planet. it is mostly home to small tribes which managed to escape from the hypnotization and of mining colonies who mine for plasma and minerals which are located above the planet's plasma core. due to it's thick but cold atmosphere and a lot of clouds the planet is mostly dark, there is little difference between day and night.

The Six
The Six are six aliens coming from a far away place in the unknown galaxy. their specie is super advanced and they don't hide it. they show up in the known galaxy from time to time. they are extremely dangerous, being able to do pretty much whatever they want with god like technology and a seemingly infinite pile of resources. nobody really knows where they are from and how their technology works. people can go ask for help and ask the Six for things. this is hard tho and they like to play games with people that ask them things. the Six make them do weird things and sometimes threaten to help their enemy. most of the time the people who ask don't get what they want, but sometimes the Six are generous. the Six see the known galaxy as a giant sandbox and they also use it in that way. they like to spin people around their finger and play games with them. but when you have the Six on your side you almost win everytime in war, you only loose when they decide to betray you. the Six keep their technology very secret and don't like to give it to people. they all look the same apart from a badge on their suit which indentifies them.
One is one of the Six. he is greedy and likes to get as much things from people as possible, being only pleased with a big offer. if you give him a lot he can pay you back signifintaly, which is rare tho.

Two is another one of the Six. he is a joker and loves to play around. he makes big offers to people, but holds them just out of their reach. he plays games with people and more of the time punishes them then rewards them. the rewards of Two are never big.

Three is the third of the Six. he is royal and wants everything his way. his rewards are big, but you must not make a single mistake or your chances of getting anything from him is close to zero. he sees everyone in the known galaxy as his servants and expects people to act like servants.

Four is the Fourth member of the six. he is the most dangerous of the Six and his biggest reward is not killing you. he is easily offended and if he feels insulted he will show his wrath

Five is the fith of the Six. he loves chaos and destruction. you can easily convince him to help you if your plans fit his world view. but you got far less chance if it doesn't. you need to look out with Five since he can easily betray you

Six is the last memver of the Six. he can be seen as the leader of the group. he is more reasonable then the others but he is hard to please. you need to set up a good plan and go deep into it for him to accept. if your plan isn't good for him he will immidiately dismiss you