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Fair Treatment of Prisoners Act

The General Assembly,

Believing that the abuse of the imprisoned is an intolerable state of affairs,

Aiming to reform the criminal justice system to prevent these abuses from occurring,


1. Defines protective confinement as the imprisonment of a person with severe or total isolation from other inmates,

2. Prohibits:

Subjecting a prisoner to treatment inferior to that legally permissible for prisoners of war,

Compelling a prisoner via force, threats of force, or other forms of coercion to perform labor or a service as a punitive measure, or as a means to generate profit for a prison facility and/or associated third parties,

The sale or leasing of any prisoner by the government or any private prison to any private corporation or institution,

Placing a prisoner in protective confinement, unless:

The informed consent of the prisoner is present, or

Doing so is the only means available to mitigate risks posed by the prisoner to the general prison population, or

The prisoner is medically incapacitated, and

Barring prisoners from the opportunity to voluntarily carry out a service or activity as a form of paid labor,

3. Requires that:

Those who have had protective confinement imposed on them have regular access to the services of psychiatric staff; and that they have access to visitations from guests in accordance with standard prison policy,

All available measures are taken to reinstate a prisoner into the general prison population, as soon as it is safe to do so,

Member states ensure that prisoners have access to investigative resources and legal recourse in the event that they lodge a complaint about abuses inflicted upon them, and that no reprisals are carried out against those who lodge these complaints,

Prisoners who voluntarily carry out a service or activity as a form of labor during the period of their incarceration receive a wage commensurate to the extent of their work, which shall be equivalent to the wage a free worker employed in the same trade would receive for doing the same quantity and quality of work, and that

All workplace health and safety regulations, past and future, on the national and international level, apply to prisoners working voluntarily during the period of their incarceration.

Co-authored by Barfleur.


Sun Jan 24 2021