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Maths with Ballistikov

Union of larchian socialist republics wrote:Thats if they run out of ammo before you run out of bodies.

Ballistikov wrote:Ballistikov absolutely has enough bodies.

Union of larchian socialist republics wrote:The US army has 1.3 million soldiers in its army. Letís say 1 million are equipped with a standard m4 carbine, with a 30 round magazine. Letís say about 1/3 of shots miss. With one magazine, and the modern day standing United States Army, equipped with M4 carbines, you would need 180,000,000 soldiers to make them all run out of a single magazine. This isnít even factoring in other things like explosives or artillery or aircraft etc. Your claim is full of crap, you do not have enough men for an army to run out of ammunition.