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How do I see other nations? / Hoj doh I sehz othrj nazhionj? / 他の国をどう見るのですか。

Figyjharlian Intelligence Agency

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Will be updated from time to time.
If your nation is included in this dispatch, please scroll down and upvote if you want. Thank you.

If I included your nation but then did not telegram me, it means that you are lucky! Thank you.

If you want to be included in this list, please telegram me, then I would heavily analyse your nation together with the Figyjharlian Intelligence Agency. Typical reply would be within 12 to 48 hours. Thank you.

Inspired By: The Beneluxian Empire - a great nation!

Figyjharli - a great place to grow your businesses, at the cost of progressive taxing.

Francois Isidore - I deserve to be listed as one of the first endorsers!

Animu Place - why am I addicted to comparing my stats with that weeb nation? still great nation though.

Aerilia - big nerd who loves purple and unicorns!

Amerion - my delegate who I like the most in TSP! speaking of that, I reside in TSP before but left due to a drama.

Chinese-japanese union - freak yet pathetic nation who got me into trouble in TSP. that is the nation that was involved in a drama. this nation also damned me up by getting me in trouble.

Illusia and Neverendia - great environmental advisor for me!

Cretox State - the one who actually caused my wealth gap to decrease, but then it was actually beneficial!

Wapistan - I like that nation, given the references to yakuza game series in which I like a lot.

Marlon bundo the rabbit - a friendly nation from a different pacific who joined TNP but then got soiled.

Tyrannylandia - a puppet nation I also use.

Hanguk-Nippon - those factbook languages are so great!

Wehraboos - a weeb nation from TSP whom I've also like.

Xagill - a great buddy to talk to.

The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg - flag is hamsters! I love hamsters and I own one!

Principia mathematica - thank you for being my first endorser!

Tsunamy - a TSP nation I also like!

Kranostav - the motto actually made me somewhat laugh.

McMasterdonia - good delegate of TNP.

A Severe Authoritarian Nation - a puppet account for testing the negative effects of tyranny.

Budotsland - my friend's account.

South Baba - better thank this dude, he actually drived me into making an overview of my nation with nice formatting.

Ghaljhazhi - my colony full of abused citizens.

Pencil Sharpeners 2 - a nation who ejected and banned my worst enemy from TSP. that worst enemy is that pathetic Chinese-japanese union who got me in trouble, but then PS2 probably believes that I am controlling that nation but then it's false.

Prydania - great delegate in TNP too!

Joodey - I like challenging this nation in terms of stats.

Otakus and Weebs - the flag really means being a man of culture.

Advancia-Sizzletown - a fellow weeb nation I also respect. btw. what's the name of the anime girl in your flag? mine's LinkIchigyou Ruri.

Wilkshire - good thing your nation has high HDI. I love it.

Qvait - a member of TSP security council whom I also respect and like. also endorsed me when I resided in TSP.

073 039 109 032 080 111 112 112 121 - that name's quite long, but as far as I remember, that nation was probably a TSP security council coral guard member. also respected that nation.

The Northern Light - that nation's quite informative.

The Cascadian Bioregion - a reasonably normal nation with enormous trout industry. 'grats on getting a powerhouse economy!

Neo Cheese Empire - c h e e s e!c h e e s e!c h e e s e!

PotatoFarmers - that's a cute potato with great anime girls as banners!

El Fiji Grande - cute doggos.

Katuda - the flag reminds me of Sweden. nice flag though. you must be also part of my mass endotarting program that I held last 1 or 2 or 3 weeks.

Pallaith - oooooh, spooky ghosts!

Republica Guilleana - pretty much a normal nation, like Cascadian Bioregion.

Auphelia - a TSP nation I also respected. must be also one of my first endorsers when I still resided in TSP.

Yaorozu - a big Japanese speaker who is a socialist comrade!

Sakarna - fellow weeb, I like your banners, especially the Megumin. chibi Megumin is so Kawaii! aaaaaaaaa!!!!

The Ultimate Republic - good thing you are environmentally friendly, not like mine that has a horrible environment.

Lol2639 - yes, your flag is really cool! UwU

Queen Yuno - what I like about that nation, is that it has an enormous arms manufacturing industry, and also being a fellow weeb styled nation.

Bruhast - teach me how to have a world-class comedian, please!

Venicea - another nation that endorsed me as soon as I entered WA-TNP. thank you for endorsing me!

Wuhan SAR - a tyrannical SAR region under Figyjharli. tsunderes living there deserved to be treated horribly by the government, as they should decide where to live before emigrating.

Erinor - from what I remember, this nation was probably a TSP security council that can eject disobedient nations. thank you for endorsing me early back when I was in TSP!

Federal Republic Of America And The Cari - what I like about that nation, is that their government is so honest, like 94% of bribes are refused. um, your pretitle kind of reminds me of SCP redacted.

Volstokn - damn, your factbook overview is more creative than mine!

Townsvalley - your photoshopped images are so perfect! teach me how to photoshop beautifully, please!

Pamela And Hepatitis - aha, one of my last endorsers when I still reside in TSP before transferring to TNP. thanks for endorsing me back when I was in TSP!

Marlon bundo rabbit - huh, a friendly nation that got soiled. I wonder why...

Zazumo - c'mon, please be friends with Aerilia and not be enemies!

My chest is flat - that's a joke title! :)

Galaician Empire - a very friendly nation that we welcomed as soon as they arrived from TSP. don't ya worry, you are welcome in TNP!

Drystar - yes, I respected you as well back when I was in TSP. what I like about you is your devotion to pirate flags.

Anarchisticstan - ah, a fellow weeby nation. I like the fact that their nation has more rebellious teenagers than mine, and that their nation is also a pacifist. thank you for also requesting to be in this dispatch!

Varjagistan - your motto kinda reminds of the fake nation Liberland, due to its similarities.

Nazi republic lololol - lololololol, get disgraced and soiled because you are nazi themed. learn from your mistakes kid.

Aroa - yay, solo easter egg comrade!

Like Murica - we're literally competing on the beverage sales!

Wall Street betts - a great dude in TNP!

Baratochi - finally, another weeb nation! yay!

New primastein - thanks for mentioning that kracc bacc! now I've made better lore about the Emperors!

Rising Sakura - what I like about that nation, is that it is very conservative in terms of social. also, I like Japanese themed nations.

Irish-wales empire - hey! hi! what's up? wassup! yo!

Nordic vikings empire - that's a nice flag design! also, I like the fact that you also have a relatively large basket weaving industry!

Nigg3r f4ggot - get soiled. learn from your mistakes, kid.

Nigg3r f4gg0t - get soiled again. learn from your mistakes, kid.

Purple Hyacinth - hey, thanks for endorsing me back when I was in TSP. also thanks for reporting that mad nation.

Xeosia Later - yay, a hikikomori!

Melicorium - thanks for indirectly telling me what snip means. now I know when to use it!

Noahs Second Country - yay, a TNP issue editor! um, why are you condemned? anyways, I like the fact that more than half of your statistics are highly ranked. also, I deserve to be your first endorser, hehehe~

Jahjah bikieland - don't be a cretin. you got soiled because of that. learn from your mistakes and don't spam in our rmb, you brat.

The holy empire of sweden - your nation has a great theme! what I like about their nation, is that it has high freedom of taxation.

Primanea - a great nation! might also be the controller of new primastein.

Rebel-topia - if I'm right, then you might have endorsed me early right back when I still reside in TSP. thank you for endorsing me before! I still respect that nation though.