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TCB MoWAA: Vote FOR Commend 1 Very Fast Endotarter

The Communist Bloc
Ministry of World Assembly Affairs

Information for Voters
Commend 1 Very Fast Endotarter


Vote FOR

This resolution aims to commend r3n (also 1 Very Fast Endotarter) for their magnanimous work in Cards, such as in TNP's North Pacific Great Card Giveaway and Card Lottery and in co-founding The North Pacific Cards Guild which laid the foundations for utilizing Cards for regional development and as a blueprint for similar regional programs elsewhere. The programs they were associated in were notable for having large giveaways of Legendary Cards. They are also being commended for creating two Card scripts - Card queries to easily search through Cards, and Card market watch which is useful for noting trends in the Cards market such as daily trades and top Cards DV.

Apart from Cards-related stuff, they are also being commended for TNP regional work, storing NS Archives data in Dropbox which prevented them being lost, and the creation of Civil Defense Siren, a system that alerts newcomers of fascist regions to dissuade them.

r3n's work in the TNP Cards Guild was very helpful in laying the foundations of Cards being used for regional development and led to similar regional programs elsewhere. They are also notable for donating valuable and Legendary Cards to many people in TNP Card Giveaway and Lottery events they are associated with.

The scripts that they made are also very helpful for Card Collectors. Card queries was very helpful for Card Collectors who wished to expand their collections, especially in the case of CTE Cards or Cards of a certain category. Their other script Card market watch was also of great help as well in tracking the Cards Market and was a boon to aspiring Card Collectors.

They also contributed to the NS struggle against fascism by creating Civil Defense Siren, which warned newcomers of fascist regions.

For these reasons, the Communist Bloc's Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends voting FOR the Security Council Resolution under vote "Commend 1 Very Fast Endotarter"

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