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Conch Kingdom's Five Year Anniversary

Five Years in the Sand

Hey look, Conch Kingdom is at its five-year anniversary. Must mean it's something special to still be kicking around in the sand, and with quite an active populous kicking at the sand nonetheless. What makes Conch Kingdom so great? Is it the democratic system, can't be with how lame a democratic system can be. Is it the people, I doubt it when we have some people who will barrage Conch Kingdom simply because of a little scuffle with some others. Why, of course, it's the Conch Cookies that we bake here! Would anyone stay for any other reason besides getting delicious cookies? I think not!

The Conk Kingdom will continue to stay alive if it makes a few changes to the recipe! First off, we need to change the Conch Cookie recipe to make it even better. I was thinking something along the lines of:

    3 Cups of sand which can be obtained anywhere, we're covered in sand!
    2 Tyranosoarus Rex nails which can be obtained in Rex omnia
    3lbs of Platypus hairs which can be obtained in Socialist Platypus
    10Ozs of Conch Love which can be obtained in all of you!

Second of all, we need to kick Conch Kingdom into the era of Conch Empire of course! With the quick inauguration of Emperor Red going quickly before that of course! I've spoken to Red through the means of messenger crabs, he's told me he wishes for his ceremony of crowning!

    He wants a lot of Roses, which we can just steal from Her Majesty Silver Garden but don't tell them!
    He wants his bride Kurczak Mielony to be by his side as well.
    Cle Brait is to act as a bodyguard to watch out for any signs of a Japo person or someone with an extreme amount of merit.

Red's wants are kept short and simple, as he knows Conch Empire will be an Empire to keep the people happy without too much hard labor!

But, for the time being, while in the Conch Kingdom era of life it is still something to behold in wonder. May the Conch Kingdom live on till Conch Empire is birthed! Happy festival folks!