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Thialren Orthodox Church

Thialren Orthodox Archbishopric
Ardopatate Pravoslavaliayaicus Thelranicus

Duke Kerius Cathedral in Trajann

Supreme Governor

Patriarch Yehudah


Patriarchate of Astana


Metropolitan of Trajann and Archbishop of All Thialrer, Aidan Rasul








English, Thialren, Aramaic


Palestinian Rite


Duke Kerius Cathedral, Trajann City






St. Kerius, Duke of Tholrae


Zheli, Tholrae Duchy, Thialrer


Recognized by the Epitomic Orthodox Church and Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople

The Thialren Orthodox Church (Thialren: Sirclesia Pravoslavaliayaicus Thelranicus), officially and legally the Thialren Orthodox Archbishopric (Thialren: Ardopatate Pravoslavaliayaicus Thelranicus), is an autonomous Epitomic Orthodox Church under the jurisdiction of the Patriarchate of Astana.

The Thialren Orthodox Church was founded in 1132 as the Tholrae Orthodox Church by Saint Kerius, the Duke of Tholrae at the time. He opposed the existing Arian-Nestorian church in Tholrae, which would eventually join the Protogeni Church and overtake the Orthodox one. For a significant period of time, the Thialren Orthodox Church was the dominant religion in Tholrae.

Its size eventually waned under King Trajann XI, who persecuted Christianity in Thialrer. Saint Valius, the Duke of Tholrae, and Saint Sava, the Bishop of Tholrae, were both martyred by Trajann XI. After Trajann XII ascended to the throne, instead of the Thialren Orthodox Church resurfacing, the Arian-Nestorian church overtook the Orthodox one as the dominant religion in the Tholrae Duchy. This was opposed by Duke Saint Xaleriucus, who was later martyred under the reign of Prince Regent Trajann XIII.

The church continued to exist for a while as the largest minority religion in Tholrae before Emperor William Knight began a war to reunite Thialrer. He heavily persecuted the Thialren Orthodox Church and martyred Archbishop of Thialrer Daniel Thompson, who was later canonized as a saint.

After the conversion of Khatun Qirka Bulan of Khazar Lechia to the Protogeni Church and subsequent mending of the schism between the Protogeni and Orthodox Churches, the Thialren Orthodox Church was organized under the Astana Patriarchate of the Epitomic Orthodox Church.






The current primate of the Thialren Orthodox Church is Aidan, the Metropolitan of Trajann and Archbishop of All Thialrer. His secular name is John Rasul.

The following are the diosceses of Thialrer and their bishops:

  • Metropolis of Trajann

    • Bishop is Aidan Rasul, Metropolitan of Trajann and Archbishop of All Thialrer

  • Dioscese of Tholrae

    • Bishop is Valius Truex

  • Dioscese of Thelrai

    • Bishop is Tikhon Gaston

  • Dioscese of Amakiir

    • Bishop is Sava Wolowitz

  • Dioscece of Romaiius

    • Bishop is Augustine Tigurius

  • Dioscece of Thalristan

    • Bishop is Kerius al-Nayef

  • Dioscece of Anzellottia

    • Bishop is Xaleriucus Di Cenzo

List of Thialren-specific saints



Notable Acts


Ariel, Guardian Angel


Guardian angel of Thialrer according to tradition

Young angel holding a staff with a torch on top

Duke Kerius

1075 1136

Converted the Tholrae Duchy to Orthodox Christianity

Introduced Orthodox Christianity to Thialrer
Founded the Thialren Orthodox Church
Patron saint of Thialrer

Elderly duke holding a Russian cross

Elderly bishop holding a Russian cross

Duke Valius, Martyr

1534 1590

Duke of Tholrae

Martyred by King Trajann XI for refusing to convert to paganism

Elderly duke holding a Bible

Bishop Sava, Martyr

1567 1590

Bishop of Tholrae

Martyred by King Trajann XI for refusing to convert to paganism

Young bishop holding a Bible

Young bishop with a crozier

Duke Xaleriucus, Martyr

1578 1613

Duke of Tholrae and monk

Fought against Arianism and Nestorianism
Martyred by Prince Regent Trajann XIII for refusing to convert to paganism

Monk reading the Bible

Archbishop Daniel, Passion bearer

1985 2020

Metropolitan of Trajann and Archbishop of All Thialrer

Attempted to help injured Thalrenians in the Thialren civil war
Executed by Emperor William Knight's order for this reason

Young Metropolitan tending to the wounded

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