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The Shinies, but in an RV

So basically this is just us roleplaying about the Shinies (and Zoygaria and maybe Akaramo) piling into an RV and touring all around Kantrias. Like the cockroach roleplay, we just throw random things in there and make it as epic and awesome as possible!

And it doesn't have to be a real story, just a sort of notebook we keep track of what we roleplayed. And it doesn't have to be canon so Sulter doesn't have more work to do! Just basically a funny dispatch or something

So yeah

Keep in mind that your RMB posts will be edited so it's only the RP entries, and things will undoubtedly get crazy. Please let me know if I missed anyone or anything.

Too-Technical Japan wrote:Random roleplay opportunity (Should we use NationHumans or Forum People?):
Rolling out of your bed, you walk to the back of the recreational vehicle (RV), careful to try and not wake up any of your sleeping friends whose sleeping bags are sprawled out across the floor like a maze. Since it was summer, you expected that the temperature would cool down during the night. But nooooo, it was already beginning to feel warm even at the early hours of the morning. You finally make it to the bathroom, rubbing your eyes and looking at your reflection in the mirror. There was something tickling your foot, and you glanced down.

It was a cockroach. And it was ON YOUR LEG.

Greater Kamilistan wrote:Kamilistan stood there for a few seconds before jumping on the table , then he threw an toilet roll onto the cockroach and shouted the f word before going back to his bed

Too-Technical Japan wrote:

Too-Techie sat up groggily as Kamilistan walked back to his bed. "What happened? Are you okay?"

The Seraph Foundation wrote:Seraph stood there, sipping his coffee. "That looked fun." He said, looking rather bored (or maybe just tired).

Too-Technical Japan wrote:TTJ jumped, startled. “Were you there the entire time?! I thought your GDDP-6 was a bit out of wack so you couldn’t open portals and scare us and such.”

The Blue America wrote:

As they were talking Blue was in the kitchen making his famous 'Blue Pizza'. "A little bit of blue toppings and then I will put it in the oven :3"

Reborn Empire of Ulm wrote:Sound of speeding vehicle can be heard coming from outside. It is gradually getting closer...

Too-Technical Japan wrote:“Blue there’s a cockroach in the RV you miiight not want to be making pizzas right now...” TTJ checked under the door to see if the cockroach was still there, it was spinning around and spitting. “Yep. It’s still there.”

Akaramo wrote:

Spin? *starts to spin like a crazy*

The Blue America wrote:"A cockroach?" Blue looks around to see if there is a cockroach. "I don't see anything" Blue puts the pizza in the oven not noticing that the cockroach is on his back

Too-Technical Japan wrote:"OH MY GOSH THERE'S ANOTHER ONE" TTJ yelled as she scrambled back. "Blue get away from the pizza ok? It might jump on it!!"

Akaramo wrote:The cockroach that fights, no one survives the washing machine
*puts the fish on the washing machine and fries it*

The Blue America wrote:Blue turns around "What? Where?"

Akaramo wrote:

*fish fried, takes out the fish from the washing machine and offer it to the multi color man*

Too-Technical Japan wrote:"Stay calm okay? Just go into the bathroom so all the cockroaches are in the same place. And brush it off your back. Here take this broom as a weapon. You'll probably need it."

The Blue America wrote:"Stay calm? I am calm you are panicking" Blue puts the pizza in the oven and closes it, grabs the broom and starts to brush it at the speed of light

Too-Technical Japan wrote:"...good point. WAIT NO NOT HERE in the BATHROOM."
Aaaand the cockroach falls onto the floor. Which wakes everyone up.

The Seraph Foundation wrote:"I am very good at sneaking up on people."
Seraph takes a small device out of his pocket and freezes the cockroach with it. "Bloody things are everywhere...."

The Blue America wrote:"Thanks!" Blue sits and waits for the pizza to be finished

Too-Technical Japan wrote:A collective sigh of relief falls over the room.
“Ah, that makes sense.”

TTJ scooped up the frozen cockroach and deposited it into the bathroom to store it until they land on solid ground.

“Thank you! Now that mostly all of us are awake maybe we should start planning on where to go next? We can’t stay in this in-between portal dimension for too much longer.”

The Blue America wrote:"The pizza is ready, want some?"

Too-Technical Japan wrote:“Oooh yes please!”

The Seraph Foundation wrote:"May I as well?"

The Blue America wrote:Blue opens the oven and gets the pizza out of the oven and puts it in a table "It's still hot so be careful"

Too-Technical Japan wrote:“I’ll get the pizza cutter.”

TTJ stands up and walked to the drawers, rifling through them and shutting them carefully. One of them wouldn’t close properly, and she stood there slamming it for a few minutes.

“I think this drawer’s jammed, although there’s nothing in the drawer that could block it...”

The Blue America wrote:"That drawer needs to be fixed"

Too-Technical Japan wrote:“Agreed. Luckily there’s only a stapler in here for some reason, so it’s not important. We have duct tape, right? Maybe we could tape it shut so it wouldn’t slide around and get broken when we’re driving.”

TTJ handed the pizza cutter to Blue after moving on to the next drawer.

The Blue America wrote:"Yes, we have some duct tape" Blue points to the last drawer on the left. "There should be one in there I suppose" Blue starts to cut the pizza in perfect triangles

Too-Technical Japan wrote:“Thanks!”

TTJ withdrew a roll of duct tape and sealed the broken drawer shut.

“That should do it.”

The Blue America wrote:"Hey *nom* do you *nom* want pizza now?"

Ramalia Shanatopian wrote:Welp I'm in so
RP Post
Ramalia woke up and wondered,what on earth was going on.He then said "let's hope it will be a good day where I don't focus on past...thoughts and nightmares," He then got out of the room to see a...

Ramalia Shanatopian wrote:corridor.He then realised this wasn't his house and then went downstairs (if applicable) to see...

The Seraph Foundation wrote:Seraph wolfed down a piece of pizza and stood up. "I'll be right back." He said, and stepped out of the RV.

Southern Sulter wrote:little did they know, I'm not trapped in here with them, they're trapped in here with me!

Ramalia Shanatopian wrote:Oh no,that's why i can't remember anything from yesterday isn't it

Southern Sulter wrote:stop taking amnestics

Ramalia Shanatopian wrote:W-What amnestics

Too-Technical Japan wrote:Yeeeep but no worries! You can join in at whatever is happening next.

TTJ cleared her plate and began washing it.

"Oh dear there's a spider."

She pounded at the countertop for a second.

"Ehh... I can't find it's corpse. Oh well, rest in pieces."

Ramalia Shanatopian wrote:Ramalia heard a noise,he ran downstairs and saw the shinies

Too-Technical Japan wrote:"Hello, sleepyhead! Well, it's really early in the morning so hello sane person who could sleep through a portion of that! Would you like some pizza? It's all we have for now until we return to physical ground and go get groceries."

Ramalia Shanatopian wrote:"sure (he says his first word half yawning),what flavour?"

Too-Technical Japan wrote:“It’s... Blue pizza. Every flavor imaginable, it’s magical pizza after all.”
I forgot I was typing this a while ago haha
“Oh! Yeah, thanks!!”

She walked over to the table, stepping over a sleeping bag. She sat down and enjoyed the pizza, as always.

“Sooo... the only thing we have planned today is to go to Uclosa’s sand dunes and sled, any other suggestions?”

Uclosa wrote:"Y'all be making lotta noises , wait where tf are we"

Too-Technical Japan wrote:"Yeeaaah the white light is overwhelming. But you get used to it. We're in an in-between dimension. Basically stuck in time until we decide to open another portal and jump out. Pizza?"

Uclosa wrote:"F this s*** i'm going back to sleep , hell nah"

Too-Technical Japan wrote:"Fair. Would you like to be woken up when we're back on physical ground?"

The Blue America wrote:"Physical ground? Wait where are we?"

Too-Technical Japan wrote:"Like I said, we're in-between portals. Seraph opened one before his GDDP-6 kinda broke, and once we open another one we'll land at the specified location. But the GDDP-6 still works fine with opening portals, it just drops us off at random places most of the time."

The Blue America wrote:"Oh! Ok" Blue grabs another slice of Pizza and goes back to the kitchen

Too-Technical Japan wrote:TTJ finishes looking for the still unfound spider corpse and lays back in her sleeping bag, attempting to get more sleep.

OOC: I gotta go for now I'll be back in an hour

The Blue America wrote:Blue presses some buttons with numbers in them in the oven, he opens it and puts the slice of pizza with the Seraph flag in it and closes it and once again presses the same buttons. He then goes back to the table to finish up his slice of Pizza

OOC: Okay

Greater Kamilistan wrote:Kamilistan looked at him what he was doing and when he realise that an flag was putten in the oven it will burn.

''' you think the flag will burn in the oven''

The Blue America wrote:"Hmm? Oh no, I didn't put it in the oven though. It is a small hidden room that will keep that slice of pizza safe"

Too-Technical Japan wrote:“Hmm.

Oh yeah! My friends and I are going on an RV trip, would you like to join? Our RV has infinite levels for some reason, so I’m sure we can make space!”

The Long Lost Siberia wrote:Hmm? What's that?

Too-Technical Japan wrote:“Ah! Sorry! An RV is a recreational vehicle, or basically a house inside of a truck. It’s really fun, but hard to drive.”

The Long Lost Siberia wrote:Okey, I guess that would be great

Too-Technical Japan wrote:“Yayyy!! Okay follow me!”

TTJ drew a door and jumped inside.

“Hey guys! Blue and I’s friend could make it, their name is Siberia. Since this RV is like the Room of Requirement, somehow magic is present and anything we need appears. So yeah!”

The Long Lost Siberia wrote:Uhm... hi?

The Blue America wrote:*Throws a slice of pizza to him*

Akaramo wrote:Hello my long lost friend

I want to drive it now 🙂

The Long Lost Siberia wrote:Okey!

The Blue America wrote:"And just for the record, I am Blue! And I am referring to the color"

Too-Technical Japan wrote:“Fine! But only because we’re in a weird dimension and we can’t wreck anything.”“Yep! And never say he is anything else. Because he had an existential crisis for a few minutes. *ahem*”

TTJ stared pointedly at Akaramo.

The Blue America wrote:YES!!
"I am blue right?"

The Long Lost Siberia wrote:I prefer to make a fire
*Looks around for any wood*

Akaramo wrote:*throw a grape at your finger and pick up the keys*
Yee-hee, it is time to accelerate

Akaramo wrote:We may find wood at the way, I’m going to drive it

The Long Lost Siberia wrote:Okey!

Too-Technical Japan wrote:TTJ shook his shoulders.

“First things first, we already have that.”

TTJ flicked the oven on and off.

“Ta-da! And everything here is pretty modern and if you get overwhelmed just holler and we’ll help ya.”“…thanks for the grape…?


Akaramo wrote:*runs toward the driver seat, seat belts locked and key plugged, I push the ignition of the truck*

The Long Lost Siberia wrote:Oh... okay...
*Siberia looks at the table and breaks a chair*
I love fire

Akaramo wrote:*press the gas pedal at its max and change gear accordingly to the max speed I can push from the engine*
I hope this thing can get fast

The Seraph Foundation wrote:Just then, Seraph walked back in. "Uh, hi. what's going on guys?"

The Blue America wrote:*Grabs a slice of pizza with the flag of Seraph*
"For you"

Akaramo wrote:Speed

Too-Technical Japan wrote:“Okay how about instead of breaking the chair you sit in it and wait until we can get wood. We could go camping! But later, and then we can build a fire.
I’m sure Uclosa would agree.”
“I agreed to let Akaramo drive only because we can’t break anything in here. “

TTJ gestures to the white light streaming through the windows. The outside was white, only white all around.

“So please buckle up.”

TTJ sat down on one of the couch cushions.

“And brace yourself.”

The Long Lost Siberia wrote:But... fire!

Akaramo wrote:*on the 10th gear already(trucks generally has 16)* C’mon, I know we can make to more than 150 kmh

Too-Technical Japan wrote:“I know, I liked fire at one point too. We don’t really depend on fire for warmth anymore, unless it’s wintertime. But in this roleplay, it’s summertime! Where the sun is the only source of heat, and it’s often despised haha”

The Seraph Foundation wrote:"Oh thanks."
"Why.....the [REDACTED]?!"

Too-Technical Japan wrote:“I didn’t let them all those other times. And besides, it’s summertime, everything is perfect, and why not?”

Akaramo wrote:We’re going for 200kph now!

Akaramo wrote:“I just want to start a curve now... yeah that must do the trick”

*starts a passive curve to the right while at 240kmh*

Too-Technical Japan wrote:Pretty much everything tilts and screams while sliding around.

“oKAY I think we should stop driving now ok?!”

The Seraph Foundation wrote:"Akaramo please don't kill us all. I really wouldn't like to have to break another Time-Shard."

Akaramo wrote:The museum isn’t fast as me driving the truck
even if ttj doesn’t scream with the museum, so you let the Akaramano delivery system do it!

Akaramo wrote:“Me? Killing while driving? That’s impossible!”

We have cargo planes

Too-Technical Japan wrote:The RV sputtered and shuddered to a stop.

“HAH we ran out of gas because RP powers!”

Akaramo wrote:“You can’t just stop a vehicle at 200kph all of sudden or everything will be pushed forwards due to gravity!”

Zoygaria doesn’t trust 50 year old Akaramano planes :(

Too-Technical Japan wrote:“Good point I forgot about that”


Akaramo wrote:*akaramano screaming noises*

Too-Technical Japan wrote:*Japanese screaming noises*

Akaramo wrote:*is throw at the front window of the truck due to gravity*

Too-Technical Japan wrote:TTJ was thrown forwards into one of the walls of the RV.

Akaramo wrote:*screams as objects hits the front window and myself*

Greater Kamilistan wrote:Kamilistan was not in the RV, he decided to buy more kebabs and Elsoki. He decided to voicemail Teo

''Teo-Teo , Im going to buy some kebabs and elsoki again... the 1 245th time this month, if you need me, please leave le meassage in le mail''

Kamilitan immediatly walked towards his Ladrak 45x Orx and start the engine, and putting one of the local radio stations ''OneHitzStop.FM''

Too-Technical Japan wrote:*the chaos is over I believe*

“Akaramo are you okay?? We didn’t lose much since we prepared for this situation. Only a chair was dislodged. And the windshield didn’t break! Yay!”Kamilistan randomly sees an RV and a long drawn out scream appear right in front of him. It came out of nowhere.

Akaramo wrote:y.. e... y... !

Greater Kamilistan wrote:'''ka ze strava...''

He looked at the RV and he was either confused or ''what the sike is happening in there''.

''Cancel plans..... Im following that Er'v ''

He deicded to follow the RV with his Ladrak

Too-Technical Japan wrote:“Alrighty no more driving for you. Does anything hurt? Lemme get the first-aid kit”


Akaramo wrote:“Y-you can’t cancel Akaramanos to drive!”

Greater Kamilistan wrote:''Heyo.... what is happennigs ke''

Akaramo wrote:“Disaster :(“

Greater Kamilistan wrote:''Ah sekay , Ye ete go again.....''

Too-Technical Japan wrote:“I can’t permanently, only until we get back into that white dimension thing.”“Hmm. I let them drive, which was a mistake. But we’re all good now, I think. The others are still sleeping through that surprisingly.”

Greater Kamilistan wrote:''Do you guys even know how to drive..''

Akaramo wrote:It wasn’t me driving the mistake, it was you braking all of sudden!

I dunno TJJ, But I do!

Too-Technical Japan wrote:“Good question! Akaramo’s usually our driver but only with strict supervision. But usually we just teleport if we don’t want to drive. Which is most of the time.”

Akaramo wrote:“Teleport is no fun! Driving is cool as hell!

Too-Technical Japan wrote:“Yeah, good point. But have you tried sledding? It’s awesome!! We can try it!”

Greater Kamilistan wrote:''How about driving but your not actually driving..''

Akaramo wrote:“There is a lot of mountains in Akaramo you know”

“Yes, I love planes”

Greater Kamilistan wrote:He facepalm and shooked his head.

''Not planes.... is basically the car is moving while you either opened door and put you legs out with your hands on the door or basicallly climb out and sat on the bonet''

Akaramo wrote:“Wait what?”

Too-Technical Japan wrote:“Oh right, sorry. I keep confusing you as a desert nation. But still! Isn’t it amazing?”

Akaramo wrote:“I’m not lechuga you know, and yeah it kinda is”

Too-Technical Japan wrote:“I heard you can sled in the desert too, but with sand dunes and a carpet or something. It’s exactly the same, but with sand and hot weather!”

Akaramo wrote:“Uhh not really, Akaramo main biomes are Mountains and waterflorests and things like that, we don’t really have deserts, I dunno, but probably yes if they are really high”

Too-Technical Japan wrote:“Ohh yeah. Maybe we could get to a really high point and slide down the sand dune! Wouldn’t that be fun? “

Sorry for the late reply!!

Akaramo wrote:“Oh yeah sure, but with which sledge?”

Too-Technical Japan wrote:“We can buy one maybe at a nearby store! If not we can get a carpet or something. “

Akaramo wrote:“Why not we just jump at it? Do we even have money?”

Ramalia Shanatopian wrote:Ramalia Wakes Up
"Did I fall asleep in the kitchen without eating the pizza...Unfortunate."

Greater Kamilistan wrote:An young child seems to be have an part of your flag walks to you


Ramalia Shanatopian wrote:"Hey Kamilistan," he says before sleeping

Greater Kamilistan wrote:''You mean my papa''

*You soon realises that this child is basically Kamalia Shanatostan, your son*

''Also Hellow Papa Rama

Greater Kamilistan wrote:*Kamilistan Turns into an mochi ball and he makes an :p Face*

Too-Technical Japan wrote:"I'm sure some of us do, I think I have my wallet on me. Ah! Found it."
"And if we jump at it how will we get the exhilaration of whooshing down the sand quickly and efficiently?"

Akaramo wrote:

“I mean, I dunno any local stores or either where we are at but if we find something it would be good”

Too-Technical Japan wrote:"Yeah. Oh! That looks like a sled store. It even has a sled in the window thing! Come on, I'm sure one way or another we can get a sled."

Akaramo wrote:“We can even make one.. if someone know how”

Too-Technical Japan wrote:"Yeah! We have lots of options. Oooh the store is air conditionnneeddd.

Ey I found the sled section!"

Akaramo wrote:Pick the cheapest most expensive one! we will give someone at the UV the opportunity to pay!

Too-Technical Japan wrote:"Okay! Although the most expensive one looks like it's suitable for snow and not sand. Although we might go actual sledding later, so this one works I guess. We can get some cheap ones as well as back up. Alrighty! Do you think these are enough?"

Akaramo wrote:“Yeah”

Too-Technical Japan wrote:"Okay! I think I have enough money to pay unless we want to annoy someone else."

Akaramo wrote:“Let’s annoy someone else, it is cheaper”

Too-Technical Japan wrote:"Okay!"

*insert scene where we annoy someone else and pay for the sleds*

"Alrighty! Now to do the fun part, SLEDDING."

Akaramo wrote:

“Yes” *climbing a tree*

Too-Technical Japan wrote:"Wait why are you climbing a tree?"

Akaramo wrote:Because I want to do it.. with tree

Too-Technical Japan wrote:

In other words, I think you ASTO members can stop giving blood to the blood god ok :>

(please don't throw any references at me, I will understand none of them. I just saw this meme and a couple phrases I recognized.)

Uclosa wrote:BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD *picks up a weapon and charges TTJ*

Too-Technical Japan wrote:*starts running in the opposite direction*

DID YOU ACKNOWLEDGE A WORD I SAID- actually knowing you that would be a no CAN YOU AT LEAST PUT THAT DOWN

Southern Sulter wrote:*puts on crusader helmet* OI looks like some infidels need to be taught a lesson! Deus vult!

The Blue America wrote:*Hides in bunker while eating pizza*
This is interesting stuff

Reborn Empire of Ulm wrote:SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!

But yeah REU and ASTO can be considered either very loyalist or very heretical.

Too-Technical Japan wrote:*is still running from Uclosa*


Reborn Empire of Ulm wrote:I am pretty sure that disarming anyone serving Khorne will not be enough to stop them. I suggest that you continue to run and do not look back.

Too-Technical Japan wrote:Aright then.


*continues to run and knocks over some stuff to try and slow Uclosa down*

BloomFairy wrote:*trips Uclosa*

The Blue America wrote:*Opens door of the bunker*
Hmmm... Nop
*Closes the door*

Too-Technical Japan wrote:THANK YOU! :D
Okay, no problem!

*decides to scale a tree and when that proved to be too difficult she teleported onto a rooftop*

The Blue America wrote:*Looks from the cameras outside the bunker*
This is interesting


Too-Technical Japan wrote:*leaps from rooftop to rooftop clumsily, sliding down the slanted surfaces, stumbling, and upturning shingles frequently*

Uclosa wrote:*Agile as ever parkouring on rooftops was a breeze for him in seconds he'd be right behind ttj*

Too-Technical Japan wrote:*TTJ crashed into an alleyway, diving into the bustle of people streaming along the busy sidewalks. She slipped around people, moving quick and unrecognizable from above.*

Uclosa wrote:*Having taken a detour he came out of a dark alley right infront of her , people all around them were scared and didn't understand what was going on*

Too-Technical Japan wrote:"Dang it! Uh-"

She was out of options, obviously.

"I know, Clo, let's go get MILK for the KHORNE FLAKES instead??"

If he were to kill her then and there, definitely lots of witnesses.

Uclosa wrote:"Actually yeah sounds like good ideas"

Yes , Clo has the attention span of a goldfish

Too-Technical Japan wrote:"Great!"

The people around them were very confused on why two teenagers, one visibly injured, went to go buy milk. The two acted as if it were normal. And in this case, it was.

(Ok I laughed for like 2 minutes)

Uclosa wrote:"You'll need lots of milk for all the flakes imma feed you indeed :) , and milk makes strong bones to resist lots of hits , something sports people need *cough*"

Too-Technical Japan wrote:“Oh... well, thank you :D. How many cartons do you think we’d need?”

TTJ started pushing the shopping cart, having difficulty navigating it without the help of her left arm.

Uclosa wrote:"Enough to fill the basement"

Too-Technical Japan wrote:"Why the basement...? And based on what I've heard about the basement, that would be at least 10. Maybe 100."

Uclosa wrote:"I dunno Seraph made the basement so it mist have some extra storage or something , y'know seraph things"

The Seraph Foundation wrote:"Of course it does. MANY, MANY THINGS."

Too-Technical Japan wrote:“I never saw the basement fully, the lights don’t work. Flashlights only show you a limited... scope of things. Have you seen it fully before?”

TTJ began loading 5 cartons into the shopping cart.

Uclosa wrote:"i haven't but sometimes i hear tusken noises in the dark so i just nope the f out"

Too-Technical Japan wrote:“Haha! Really? Well, I don’t blame you.”

By this time, the two were now having trouble stuffing more cartons into the shopping cart. This had attracted other customers.

Uclosa wrote:(gtg sleep is 1:38 am)

Too-Technical Japan wrote:Ok! No problem. I made a small sheet post about yesterday

It’s incredibly lazy, I apologize.

Arbutus wrote:i missed quite the event didnt i XD

The Blue America wrote:So boring
*Sleeps in bunker*

Akaramo wrote:yeah, I ran out of fish

Too-Technical Japan wrote:We can go fishing later today! Or buy some from the market.

Akaramo wrote:

fishing of course

Too-Technical Japan wrote:Ooh okay cool!

Alrighty! We have to go to a legal fishing ground this time though XD

Akaramo wrote:Where? idk

Too-Technical Japan wrote:I don't know either, but let's pretend that there's a river and we can fish there for RP convenience

Akaramo wrote:Yeah, So..did you bring the fishing rods?

Too-Technical Japan wrote:Yep! Here you go.

Akaramo wrote:ok

*Throw the fishing rod at the water*

Too-Technical Japan wrote:*tosses fishing rod at the water*

It's quite foggy today...

Akaramo wrote:maybe because of the year station

Too-Technical Japan wrote:Yeah. But at least it’s nice here with all the trees and such.

Akaramo wrote:lmao
agreed. You already fished a shark?

Too-Technical Japan wrote:I don't know how to fish a shark

But I don't think I caught a shark?

Lemme check

Nope I just got a fish.

Southern Sulter wrote:Hello, I am under de water, pleaz help

Too-Technical Japan wrote:OH MY GOSH Sulter how did you get there?!

Here grab my hand- or wait I'm not that strong. Do you see that fallen tree over there that randomly appeared? Grab that! We'll hoist you up

The Blue America wrote:*Swims to the surface*
Hey! This whole lake/river is my aquatic sanctuary!

Too-Technical Japan wrote:It is? I'm sorry, I didn't know!

Southern Sulter wrote:it's just a joke, I have a water bottle on my head

Too-Technical Japan wrote:Oh.


I should have known...