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🃏 The North Pacific - Cards Symposium 2021 🃏

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[box][size=150][color=#265780]Cards Symposium? What's that?[/color][/size]

Greetings, everyone! To celebrate the fact that [url=][b]cards trading[/b][/url] has lasted so long as a prominent feature, [b][region]The North Pacific[/region][/b] hereby invites [u]YOU[/u], fellow NationStates user, to attend our first-ever Cards Symposium!

Starting first-thing on [u][b]February 21 2021[/b][/u], players finding themselves participating in this event will get to experience a wide range of activities, whether it be: [b]1)[/b] competing in games to win awards, [b]2)[/b] listening to experienced card users giving lectures, and more!

To participate, please click on the [url=][b]Discord invite[/b][/url] in order to join![/box]

[box][size=150][color=#265780]What exactly will take place at the Symposium?[/color][/size]

With all honesty, there's so many things that it'll prove difficult to name! There will be events such as card collecting competitions, card lotteries, long-time users speaking about their experiences in cards, and even gaming rooms such as an [u]Among Us[/u] match, so be assured that there will be more than enough events in order to make your participation worthwhile~

To view our full schedule, please see the following:[/box]

[box][size=150][color=#265780]What's in it for me if I attend?[/color][/size]

Not only will you get the chance to gain first-hand knowledge regarding the [url=][b]cards game[/b][/url], but you'll [i]also[/i] receive multiple chances to win extremely valuable cards each day, including the highly coveted [url=][b]Testlandia[/b][/url]!

Each day, there will be [b]1 lottery[/b] that will take place, and a random user attending the event will be the recipient of a randomized [color=#ffd700][b]legendary[/b][/color] card. In addition, multiple events + competitions will be hosted that will reward the winner with cards of the same rarity as mentioned, so not only will participation in those events be fun, but they'll also be [i]highly[/i] rewarding!

We hope to see you there, so thanks a ton for reading 🃏[/box]

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