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The Entropy Chronicles

[b][region]Entropy[/region][/b] is a small region founded on February 18, 2021, day one of the project. Over the next 100 days following its founding, the region will be built up however the residents decide. At the moment, the region is essentially a blank slate. However, once those 100 days expire, whoever is elected as the World Assembly delegate with the most endorsements will be given the founder nation to the region. By joining the region, you’ll embrace the chaos and become part of the melee. But at the end of the countdown, only one person can claim the throne.


[b]Cool Stats and Stuff:[/b]
[td]# of WA Members[/td]
[td]WA Delegate[/td][/tr]

[b]Residents in the World Assembly:
[nation]Calico Jack the Great[/nation] [i](new)[/i]
[nation]Dill[/nation] [i](new)[/i]
[nation]Kothica[/nation] [i](new)[/i]
[nation]Mcmannia Hooty Boi[/nation] [i](new)[/i]
[nation]Raxion[/nation] [i](new)[/i]
[nation]Rievr[/nation] [i](new)[/i]
[nation]World Assembly Administered Territory[/nation] [i](new)[/i]

Region founded by Koth ([nation]100th Day[/nation])
[url=]Discord[/url] (now home to 21 members) and [url=]Gameplay Thread[/url] created.
The flag and recruitment telegram were created by Rax. 
Members of the discord server elected to forge four new channels, #pets, #owls, #weebs, #weebs, and #bads_arts.
#bads_arts produced the following song and painting for Day One:

[url=]Dance the Night Away by Van Halen[/url]


Lastly, here’s a list of songs other members of the discord server shared for Day One:

[url=]Wuthering Heights - Kate Bush[/url]
[url=]Rasputin - Boney M.[/url]
[url=]Start Me Up - The Rolling Stones[/url]
[url=]Beginning - C418[/url]
[url=]Here We Go - Damian Marley[/url]
[url=]The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage - Panic! At the Disco[/url]
[url=]Ways to Go - Grouplove[/url]


[b]99 DAYS REMAIN.[/b]