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New Board of Directors Announced!

[center][b][size=150]Founderless Board of Directors Elected[/size][/b][/center]

The first Members General Meeting concluded yesterday, and with it a new Board of Directors has been elected. Please congratulate the returning Directors on their re-election or election to new roles, and welcome our newest director, Dakota!

The Board of Directors is now as follows:

[b]Executive Director[/b] W&S/[nation]Velvet Elvis[/nation]
[b]Defence Director[/b] [nation]Karputsk[/nation]
[b]Intelligence Director[/b] [nation]Falconias[/nation]
[b]Communications Director[/b] [nation]The Sedge[/nation]
[b]Social Director[/b] Dakota/[nation]Buffy[/nation]

Speaking for myself, I am incredibly excited to see where this new Board takes us and I am optimistic about the next few months. There will be quite a few changes; I am working on updating our Charter to better reflect the region's needs and ensure accessibility and long-term growth, and Dakota brings a wealth of social and cultural experience to the table. Recruitment and retention are the big focuses, and this is a Board that knows how to get that done.

Let's do this.

-[nation]Velvet Elvis[/nation]
Executive Director