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by The People's Republic of Ministry of World Assembly Affairs. . 18 reads.

TCB MoWAA: Vote FOR Whistleblower Protection Act

The Communist Bloc
Ministry of World Assembly Affairs

Information for Voters
Whistleblower Protection Act


Vote FOR

This resolution aims to coherently provide legal protections for whistleblowers.

A summary of the resolution is: Whistleblowers cannot be penalized for disseminating info about any government project, for the dissemination of financial info of government officials or entities' financial documents, for the publication of evidence of crime and cannot be tried for libel, slander or defamation unless the information is proven to be "demonstrably false".

The protection of whistleblowers from retaliation can be a boon in the progressive workers' struggle, as more often than not, whistleblowers expose the reality of wage exploitation by the bourgeoisie. This can also help socialist revolutions and can benefit a Cultural Revolution, as workers are now supported in exposing the oppression of landlords, bourgeoisie, bosses and bourgeoisie politicians through whistleblower protection, without fear of retaliation. This resolution can also contribute in the exposition of crimes and oppression made by imperialism, for example, through whistleblowers exposing war crimes or nefarious agendas made by the imperialist.

For these reasons, the Communist Bloc's Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends voting FOR the General Assembly Resolution under vote "Whistleblower Protection Act".

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