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TCB MoWAA: Pros and Cons Analysis for SC "Liberate the Embassy"

The Communist Bloc
Ministry of World Assembly Affairs

Information for Voters
Liberate the Embassy


No Recommendation

This resolution aims to strike down the password currently imposed by the raiders in the recently raided region The Embassy. If this resolution succeeds, the removal of a password in the region would make it easier for other people to liberate the region.

The Communist Bloc's Ministry of World Assembly Affairs has not come to a clear recommendation after a period of voting and discussion. Here is the Pros and Cons Analysis for this Resolution:


The Embassy is a renowned region in NationStates known for maintaining embassies with lots of regions, being a prominent embassy hoarder.
The author supposedly contacted and consulted the natives beforehand.
The removal of a password will make it easier for Defenders to liberate the region.


The Embassy maintained lots of embassies with fascist regions and only closed them due to public pressure. No platform should be given to fascists in NationStates.
The resolution claims that the raiders are attempting to close and refound the region, which is false.
It is doubtful what kind of purpose the Liberation would have after the raid is finished, and the removal of a password would only make it susceptible to tag raids.
A political slant is clear with the proponents drafting the resolution for publicity.

The Communist Bloc's Ministry of World Assembly Affairs will not issue a clear recommendation for the Security Council Resolution under vote "Liberate the Embassy", though we encourage nations of TCB to consider the above Pros and Cons Analysis upon deciding how to vote.

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