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Layem Times Issue 31

[box][align=center][font=cambria][size=140]Saturday, February 20th, 2021 - - - [region]Confederacy of Layem[/region][/size][/font][/align][/box]

[box][background-block=green][b][size=300][colour=white][font=cambria]Table of Contents[/font][/size][/b][/colour][/background-block]

[url=#1]Section: News[/url]

[url=#2][i]Introduction to the March 2021 Layem Elections by [nation]SomethingIsWrongHere[/nation][/i][/url]

[url=#3][i]"Ministry of Defense Establishment Act" Passed by Regional Assembly by [nation]Baaas[/nation][/i][/url]

[url=#4]Section: Sports and Games[/url]

[url=#5][i]Weekly RP Update: February 20th, 2021 by [nation]Basically Mini America[/nation] and [nation]Tsarstvo Alyaski[/nation][/i][/url]

[url=#6][i]New Layem Game Championships Open Up by [nation]Elvato[/nation][/i][/url]



[box][background-block=green][b][size=300][colour=white][font=cambria]Introduction to the March 2021 Layem Election[/font][/size][/b][/colour][/background-block][anchor=2][/anchor]

[size=180][font=cambria][i]by Chief Political Correspondent [nation]SomethingIsWrongHere[/nation][/i][/font][/size]

Hey there!
Welcome to this article.
We are doing an intro to the March elections!

Here we go!

[b]What... Didn't we just do one of these?[/b]
Feels quick, huh?
Well they are every 3 months, to keep things fair.

[b]Oh - well, who's running this time?[/b]
Glad you asked! Our current line up is:
SIWH ([nation]SomethingIsWrongHere[/nation])
Ben ([nation]Benderk[/nation])
Hua ([nation]Hualonia[/nation])
Maur ([nation]Mauroa[/nation])
[nation]Basically Mini America[/nation]

These are the current standings, from the news I've gathered.

[b]Wait - I hate every single one of the-[/b]

So, now that we've dealt with him, let's see...
What questions-

[b]Wait, it's still February! Why don't you do this in march?[/b]
Because people are already announcing their campaigns.
It would be foolish to start in March.

[b]Wait wait wait... People are already announcing their campaigns?[/b]
I thought it was obvious at this point, ye-

[b]What do they plan to do? AND WHY DO THEY PLAN TO DO IT SO EARLY O-[/b]
Well, here are some campaign dispatches:
[*]Benderk did not make one.
[*]Maur did not make one.
[*][url=]Basically Mini America[/url]

So there you have it!
I think that suffices.
And to all the candidates -
May the odds be ever in your favor.

[box][background-block=green][b][size=300][colour=white][font=cambria]"Ministry of Defense Establishment Act" Passed by Regional Assembly[/font][/size][/b][/colour][/background-block][anchor=3][/anchor]

[size=180][font=cambria][i]by Minor Political Correspondent [nation]Baaas[/nation][/i][/font][/size]

In a 12-1 vote in the Regional Assembly, the bill "Ministry of Defense Establishment Act" was passed. The bill, written by MoIA [nation]Elvato[/nation], Minister of Defense [nation]South Acren[/nation], and SoTA [nation]Baaas[/nation] was presented to the RA on Wednesday last week. The bill was introduced to create a new "Minister of Defense role" and officialize the Layem Defense Coalition (LDC) into the Layem Militia. Let's go deeper into the details and repercussions of this bill. 

The Ministry of Defense Establishment Act is split into 3 acts: Act I - Establishment of a Minister of Defense, Act II - Foreign Aid Through the Minister of Defense, and Act III - Officialization of the Layem Defense Coalition. Act I provides an overview of the office of the Minister of Defense, mentioning:
- The MoD will be appointed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs
- The MoD will control the Layem Defense Coalition (2nd in command)
- The MoD "will be tasked with defending the region from any raiders or suspicious personnel" 

Act II provides information on how the Minister of Defense will be used for foreign aid: 
- In case of a severe threat to an embassy region's security, the MoD is allowed to decide to aid them in defending their region
- The MoD may not aid a region that the Confederacy of Layem has a travel ban on 

Act III provides information about the officialization of the long unofficial Layem Defense Coalition: 
- The LDC will be officialized as the Layem Militia 
- The LDC will have the responsibility of "protecting the region against raiders, coups, and other threats to regional security"
- The LDC Commander-in-Chief, as established in the Articles of the Confederacy, will be the Chief Minister, with the second-in-command being the Minister of Defense

Despite the bill being passed by an overwhelming majority in the Regional Assembly, there was high profile criticism of it, namely from Layem Founder [nation]Mauroa[/nation]. He said in the Discord Regional Assembly chat "It's useless and unnecessary unless we become a raider or defender region." He was the only person to vote against it (excluding an illegitimate vote that was placed after voting ended.) 

Even though the Ministry of Defense Establishment Act was passed a week and a half ago, it has already started to affect regional affairs. After the bill made the Layem Defense Coalition more professional and official, Minister of Defense [nation]South Acren[/nation], with the advice of SoTA [nation]Baaas[/nation], completely renovated the LDC Discord server. For context, the server used to be filled with channels dedicated to posting pictures of firearms, had a loose and irrelevant military hierarchy, and was overall an unprofessional Discord server, not suited for an organization embedded in the constitution.

[align=center][size=700][font=cambria][i]Sports & Games[/i][/font][/size][/align]


[box][background-block=green][b][size=300][colour=white][font=cambria]Weekly RP Update: February 20th, 2021[/font][/size][/b][/colour][/background-block][anchor=5][/anchor]

[size=180][font=cambria][i]by Minor RP Correspondents [nation]Tsarstvo Alyaski[/nation] and [nation]Basically Mini America[/nation][/i][/font][/size]

Good day to all readers of this article, in cooperation with the other journalists of the Layem Times, we at the Roleplay team are tasked with the writing of the latest news, stories and other trivial gossip of the select role-plays currently active in the Confederacy of Layem.

[b]"The Exodus"[/b]

As the woes of life, stresses from the event or simply the loss of interest befell some of the role players of the second colonial RP, we had to unfortunately say our goodbyes to a few members of the role play. This is the first time such a large proportion of people had left the role play in one week, and unfortunately, it may not be the last.

Nevertheless, the first that we saw go was a person by the Discord username ZerO who at the time controlled the nation of England. Exactly a week ago, he claimed that “I'm going to have a break from role playing for a few months due preparing for exams” . A valid excuse, however it still is a shame we had to see him go, it would be an omen for the next user to leave, three days afterwards on the 16th of February 2021.
You might ask, who was the next to leave the Discord RP? Well, it brings sadness to my heart, but it was I who left. Otherwise known as Granger_Air.02 in terms of the discord profile, and led the two nations of Scotland and England at the time, preparations for real life events that I will not divulge on, in addition to stress made me have to call it quits.
Later that day, we saw the user leading the Toungoo Empire, Random peasant leave, in addition, user orange, who led the Russian Tsardom on exactly the same day.

At an unconfirmed time, we had to say goodbye to Dr.Deadman, the Discord user who was role playing Westphalia at the time.
Five Discord RPers, some active, some not so active, said their goodbyes to the Second Colonial event this week, at the very least temporarily.

[b]"Bavaria Agrees to Austrian Peace!"[/b]

Almost First thing this week, the Austrians got to settling the conflict with their Bavarian enemies, signing a peace treaty and founding the Southern German Reich, with its capital based around the City of Chiemsee.

Furthermore, the Bavarian Lords are given autonomy and relative self-governance over their own lands, further reinforcing the idea of Austrian mercy to its subjects.

[b]South German Empire Declares War on Venice[/b]

After finishing a war with, and annexing Bavaria, Jtovar of the South German Empire, previously named Austria took little time in declaring another war, this time against Venice, in order to claim a larger coastline and bring down a dangerous enemy.
This has been viewed with suspicion, Hua of Hungary, and in addition, the rest of the Magyar - Slavic pact have openly declared their distaste to the events. Hua’s Hungary threatened a conflict with Jtovar and resulted in a border skirmish. An interesting trivial point, Jtovar attempted to form a formal alliance with the Ottoman Empire, previously sworn enemies, before settling with improving their relationship with JurassicGentleman and Creepy Potato, of Spain and Genoa respectively.

[b]"Scottish-English Personal Union!"[/b]

Following the death of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I, the royal union has been established with king James the IV and I at its head, with the English player, ZerO, leaving the RP. This is the beginning of a new global power, as the state can now focus on naval development and build the British Empire that spanned so far and wide.

Regretfully, the Scottish player, GrangerAir_02, also known as Tsarstvo Alyaski on NS, has left the RP, and Scotland-England is now open for anybody to take a chance at building a global empire.

[b]Bukhara-Safavid War Comes to an End[/b]

In addition, the Bukhara / Safavid Persia war had ended in a huge victory for A Human Being, the Discord profile behind Persia. After crushing Bukharan resistance, they annexed all but one province of land, leaving it as a puppet, rump state. A Human Being claimed that they did not annex the last province for a reason, quoting: “That one province not included is mostly to stop border gore.”

[b]"The French-Burgundian War Begins!"[/b]

Ever since France was fractured, tensions had been high between the many new states occupying the former, grand nation. Following the Norman takeover of the Loire, which held the French throne, the reestablishment of a French Kingdom brought to head a threat to Burgundy which they simply couldn’t ignore.

On Thursday, the crisis exploded as tensions gave way to war, and conflict began. Immediately, the French attacked, with the city of Troyes being the site of a major battle, with a detachment of Polish aide sent due to the dynastic ties between the two states following the marriage of King Wladyslaw IV Vasa and Princess Elisabeth of France, resulting in 5,000 Polish men helping in the conflict.

The Burgundians were soundly defeated, and are also being pushed back in the south by the French allies, the Occitanians, with Burgundy seemingly buckling under all of this pressure.

Will this be the end of the Burgundian State or a possible triumph of the ages?

[b]Other Information[/b]

Below will feature a quick-fire round of other, smaller stories from this week of the 2nd Colonial Role Play.

- Huniko of France continues to enslave hundreds of Africans to send to French Guinea, and in addition has expanded in a few places in the East Indies and East Asia, including Taiwan, or Formosa.
- Reyner88 of the Tokugawa Shogunate continues to profit heavily from European trade, which has increased now, as France and Hungary make contact and start trading with the upcoming East Asian Power.
- In addition, Reyner88 annexes the Ainu of Hokkaido into the Shogunate, finally uniting the Home Islands in earnest, but also inadvertently causing the start of an outbreak of disease within the Old Ainu borders. Seeing no reason to continue feeding the Chinese beast, the Tokugawa Shogunate forces the Ming Dynasty under discord username RaggedSugar to leave the Pan - Asian Alliance.
- Though Bohemia and Prussia and their Discord players have yet to leave the 2nd Colonial RP in earnest, they have been given two days to become active otherwise they risk having to be forced to give their position in the RP up.

[b]RMB/Forum Roleplay[/b]

Unfortunately, the RMB / Forum Roleplay, hosted by the nation known as South Acren has been too inactive this week to warrant a full section. In its dormancy, we only saw the nation known as SomethingIsWrongHere formally join the in-character RP and continued movement from a powerful state in South - Central Continental United States.

[box][background-block=green][b][size=300][colour=white][font=cambria]New Layem Game Championships Open Up[/font][/size][/b][/colour][/background-block][anchor=6][/anchor]

[size=180][font=cambria][i]by [nation]Elvato[/nation][/i][/font][/size]

On the Layem Discord [i](which you should join btw)[/i] new gaming championships have been introduced, being the Uno Championship, CAH Championship (Cards Against Humanity) and Chess Championship. As of now the champions are

CAH Champion - [nation]Lyrakia[/nation]
Uno Champion - [nation]Phillippeland[/nation]
Chess Champion - [nation]Elvato[/nation]

[b][i]Title Changes[/i][/b]

[i]Uno Championship[/i]

1. [nation]The grand sultanate of Krm[/nation] (held for a few hours)

2. [nation]Elvato[/nation] (held for a few minutes)

3. [nation]The grand sultanate of Krm[/nation] (Held for a day)

4. [nation]Phillippeland[/nation] (Held for a few minutes)

5. [nation]The grand sultanate of Krm[/nation] (Champion for almost a day)

6. [nation]Russberlin[/nation] (Held for almost an hour)

7. [nation]The grand sultanate of Krm[/nation] (Held for almost a day)

8. [nation]Elvato[/nation] (Held for 3 Hours)

9. [nation]Phillippeland[/nation] (Current Champion)

[i]CAH Championship[/i]

1. [nation]Baaas[/nation] (Held for a few hours)

2. [nation]Lyrakia[/nation] (Current Champion)

[i]Chess Championship[/i]

1. [nation]Elvato[/nation] (Current Champion)


This issue of the Layem Times was edited and coded by Editor-in-Chief [nation]Baaas[/nation] - Thanks to the Editorial Team: Chief Political Correspondent [nation]SomethingIsWrongHere[/nation], Sports Correspondent [nation]Benderk[/nation], Chief RP Correspondent [nation]The grand sultanate of Krm[/nation], and [nation]Elvato[/nation] 

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