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When the two greatest writers in Kantrias collab

Reborn Empire of Ulm wrote:I Reborn Empire of Ulm I Witterheim I
Witterheim- the largest port in Reborn Empire of Ulm and the only one which can accomodate entirety of Imperial Navy. It's massive docks are home to Ulm's Home Defense Fleet. More than 70% of vessels serving in the Reborn Empire of Ulm's Navy were produced in it's shipyards including Emperor's personal flagship ,,Gram''. It is also the busiest city in the Empire in times of war. Majority of warships assembled here are ready for war. Fleets of Mittenmeyer, Schurz and Raushenberg are the first to depart. Each of them was given important tasks and course of the campaign may rest on their shoulders. Emperor decided to use Mittenmeyer's exceptional skills in employment of lightning-fast tactics to send him ahead and secure Aquilonnia while Schurz and Reushenberg were entrusted with setting up blockades around Zoygarian colonies. Their success is essential for securing supply route and rally point for the main fleet. With the Emperor's blessing they set out towards the enemy territority.

I North Aquilonnia I Somewhere near the border between the North and the South I
Lush forests of Aquilonnia are teeming with life however this time it is not the wildlife but Ulm's shock troops from local garrison and Aquilon militia that are making their way through them. Their orders are clear: capture the South and turn Aquillonia into Ulm's naval base for the duration of the campaign. They are closing in on the border ready for combat. It is only a matter of time before the battle begins.

Zoygaria wrote:
Okada, Southern Aquiląnia, Zoygaria

A cool breeze swept across the beaches of Okada, rustling the few trees and showcasing the brilliant purple of the Okadan flag for all to see. The bustling city had temporarily closed its ports in preparation for a massive storm en route. Despite being many miles off, the grey gloom of the clouds rumbled threateningly at the city. The scene was peaceful, for the moment. However, an event was to occur that would soon shatter that ever so fragile peace.

A young man dashed through the corridors of the capitol, stopping for no one. He didn't care who he bumped into or how many looks of disdain he received, he only had one thought in mind: reach the Governor's office. After a few minutes and several less than kind shouts directed his way, the young man reached the massive oak doors of the Gubernatorial office, scarcely knocking before rushing in. Startled, Governor Javek, who had previously been reading at his desk, shot up with surprise. Before he could even open his mouth to speak, the nearly breathless man in front of him sputtered—
"Governor! News from the front! Urgent..." gasp "The north..." gasp "The grey's are coming..."
"Grey's" were the colloquial name for the Ulmians, particularly their armed forces, dubbed mockingly after their grey flag. The Governor's initial shock disappeared entirely from his face, instead replaced with a solemn look of urgency.
"Get me on the phone with Vostok."


Vostok, Khovostov Oblast, Zoygaria

King Arristok Zobieski III, Sovereign Monarch of Zoygaria, Lord of the Imperial Commonwealth, King of Zoygaria, King of Helga, King of Czasza, Grand Duke of Szilazhí, The Lion of the East, was a man. Like any other Zoygarian, he needed food, water, air, and sleep. Like any other Zoygarian, he spoke his native tongue, proudly bore his country's flag, and hoped for the future. He was as Zoygarian as any other, but why was he king? Why was he chosen, above every other Zoygarian, to lead? Why was he special, so different from any other man, woman, or child? These were the thoughts that raced through King Zobieski's head that cold day in February. He had long pondered why he was deemed fit to rule over a nation of millions without so much as a suggestion from those millions, why he was to inherit these elaborate titles and grand halls, wht he was the head of a nation so cold and distant from the troubles of the world. He was no ordinary King, that was not a doubt in anyone's mind. He walked in the streets of not only Vostok, but Akuí, Dinsk, Etzio, Osovieç... he talked and mingled with his people, he attended fencing and football tournaments, and sat down with every homeless individual he could in an attempt to give them proper company for a change. He was but man— not a god, not chosen by God (though his people certainly believed this), and apart from his station, had no real talents to share. What gave one person the right to rule over others without question?

Zobieski's thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door to his throne room.
"Enter," he said with little energy. Prime Minister Saijto Solski walked in. Zobieski smiled at his friend, but his smile soon vanished as he noted the look of concern on the Prime Minister's face.
"My liege," he began, "terrible news. Governor Javek has just called..."
"Regarding the storm? Are Okada and Sajemi in danger?"
"No, my liege, at least not by the weather. Ulm is moving troops to the border. Our scouts believe they intend to attack."
Zobieski's look of concern only increased as the Prime Minister went on.
"What's more, our strategists anticipate a preemptive strike on the Arastisn colonies. If the Ulmians are here for war, it is more than likely they intend to blitz our holdouts on the Arastian Sea to dampen our naval effectiveness."
"Is there any news from ATSO?"
"No your majesty, all's quiet from the Ale's.*"
King Zobieski thought for a moment.
"Scramble the military, and prepare for war. Do not attack anything until I give the order. They have caught us in a dangerous moment— we cannot send additional support to Aquiląnia while that storm is present. Code Gevé.**"

*Ale— a Zoygarian colloquialism for Germanic/German speaking nations, particularly in reference to ATSO. Comes from Alemagna (Germany), and further Aleman (German language/people), meaning "those who speak German."
**Code Gevé— gevé is the Zoygarian letter [G]. This [G] is short for "guerria," the Zoygarian word for war. Code Gevé means that the state is on the brink of war, but not yet at war.

Zoygaria wrote:Telegram from the Frostfall Pallace, Vostok, directed to the office of Emperor Siegfried Von Drachenritter

Esteemed Emperor Drachenritter,

It has come to my attention that a group of your armed forces is nearing the Zoygarian border of Aquilonnia, prepared for war. As I am certain you are well aware that the crossing into Okada will result in the shattering of peaceful relations between our two nations, I shall not waste your time, and adress the matter at hand that I have come to contact you about.

To the Empire of Ulm we offer from Akaramo and Zoygaria payment for the damages sustained in Paradis by the recent terrorist attack. In addition to compensation for the damages caused, Zoygaria and Akaramo offer our services to aid in the rebuilding of Paradis. Should you refuse this offer and continue on your plan of attack, I offer you the full strength of the Zoygarian and Akaramoan military to decimate your armed forces. This is my offer to you, and there will be no negotiation.

His Royal Majesty, King Arristok Zobeski III of Zoygaria

Reborn Empire of Ulm wrote:Baaack I was delayed bc I was busy
Ending the first war in months just as I was starting to have fun? Akaramo you are the cruelest ;_;

Response from flagship of the 7th fleet ,,Gram''

Dear King Arristok

I am perfectly aware of what crossing into Okada means. You should not trouble yourself with our forces- they are always prepared for war. As for why they are currently moving through the forests nearing the border the answer is simple- they are taking leisourly walks. After all warriors who risk their lives for the Empire every day cannot be denied small pleasures such as this. I am grateful for your offer but I must respectfully decline because I do not trust anyone other than my subjects with this task. Your second offer sounds tempting. We are ready whenever you are.

Emperor Siegfried von Drachenritter of Reborn Empire of UlmReality can be whatever I want!

Zoygaria wrote:Breaking News Broadcast from the North Wind Times

"Turmoil never seems to be far off in these days. Zoygaria has declared a state of emergency, and has entered Code Gevé, authorized by His Royal Majesty King Zobieski III. The military is rapidly mobilizing, and entire sections of the nation have been bulked up for war. Our neighbor to the west, Akaramo, has seen increased visits from the Zoygarian military, with a possible collaboration occurring, though this remains uncertain. The gemstones* have been undergoing back to back air raid drills, and the harbors have been prepared for evacuation if necessary. With our jets racing across the sky, we can only hope that our men and women in arms will defend us. That's all for now, stay tuned for new updates, and remember: liberty does in silence. I'm Kovek Sprigen, reporting from the North Wind Times Station in Dinsk."

*The Gemstones— Zoygarian Arastian Sea colonies

Oszk, Parva District, Czovoska

Thunder. Lightning. No...
Clouds of grey. A storm. But no rain...
The ground rumbles. An earthquake?
But earthquakes don't leave holes in buildings.
No sun. Then where is the light coming from?
Lightning. Flashes of lightning.
Storms don't go bang...
Not lightning... fire...
Not thunder... smoke...
Not tremors... tanks...
This isn't a storm... it's a graveyard...
I take off running, I have no idea where.
The market, the pier, the square, all rubble.
Faded memories...
The flag flies. But whose flag is that?
Is isn't red, nor blue.
It's... grey...
I run, they follow. A pack of dogs, surely.
They growl at me, hissing words I can't understand.
I duck. I run faster.
Bang, bang.
A flash. Fire?
I do see red... just not in the flag...
I fall. I tumble. I scrape.
The hounds have found me.
Can dogs kick?
Can dogs laugh?
These can. However, I don't hear them.
The only thing I hear is...

I woke up with a start. I hit my alarm clock, but the noise didn't stop. I checked it. 2:40 A.M... then where is that no—
Then it hit me. I need to get outside. I looked up. The flag was still there. I checked around me. Dozens of others, scrambling from their homes, flooding the streets in a single direction. Mrs. Stovoska, Ivka, Sir Abalov, they were all here. There were no words, only the sound. That dreadful sound. The air raid sirens. In the past 12 hours, 9 drills had taken place, including this one. I could faintly hear the echo of the sirens from our neighboring islands...
We moved as a group. We were many, but one. As I walked, I thought to myself. As if there was anything better to do...
In my dream... was it a dream? Those dogs... they weren't dogs, were they?

Reborn Empire of Ulm wrote:I Aquilonnia I Vicnity of border I
As the final minutes of silence were coming to an end, Colonel Lars Nowitzki gazed at the peaceful scenery of Aquilonnia. Without doubt it was one of the most beautiful places in the Empire. He hoped to bring his family there someday, but this wish would never come true. They died during terrorist attack on Paradis and he would never see them again. If he was not assigned to Aquilonnian garrison beforehand he would have shared their fate. When he and his troops were informed about the attack they were utterly devastated. They weren't able to say final goodbyes or even attend funerals of their loved ones. What came after sorrow was burning rage which gathered inside them until now when they were finally going to let it loose. They were going to unleash a storm on par with one that was currently heading towards Aquilonnia.
,,Sir, it is time.''
,,You are right. Commence the operation!'' as he gave this order, hell was unleashed. In an instant sounds of wildlife were replaced by deafening gunfire and battlecries, which were soon joined by the sound of howtizers and mortars. Shocktroops and Aquilon militia charged towards the border firing their weapons while running. They were back on the battlefield.

I Reborn Empire of Ulm I Witterheim I Flagship of the 1st fleet ,,Rache'' I
As usual his instincts did not fail him. High Admiral Schillinger arrived in the command bridge just when the message from Aquilonnia arrived.
,,High Admiral! Assalut on the Zoygarian strongholds in the Aquilonnia has begun!''
,,I see. What about Reushenberg, Schurz and Mittermeyer?''
,,Reushenberg and Schurz are both making steady progress towards Zoygarian colonies and they should reach them soon. Mittermeyer is outdoing himself and his fleet is expected to leave territorial waters of Sulter today. It seems that he does not plan on waiting out the storm.''
,,As expected of Mittermeyer. Knowing him he is either going to try to outrun the storm or sail right through it. Contact the other admirals and tell them to prepare for departure. I will inform His Majesty personally.''
,,Yes Sir!''

Zoygaria wrote:

Okada, Aquiląnia District, Zoygaria

Gunshots echoed through the forests outside of Okada. The war had begun. The wails of sirens overwhelmed the densely populated city as thousands of people were evacuated towards the shelters. The streets were in utter chaos: doors to houses lay strewn open from panicked occupants, people of every race, eitnicty, gender, and age flooded the streets in a mass exodus from their homes. Okada was quickly on the road to prosperity, and gained the unofficial title of "Zoygaria's Most Inclusive City." Now, this was all destined to change. Screams and frightened yells emanated from the streets and alleyways as the massive blob of people cascaded towards the newly built hurricane shelters, several of which were unfinished. The fact of the matter was, the entire city was unfinished. Skyscrapers lay dormant, their scaffolding still being placed, and worst of all, Okada's perimeter of defences was primitive at best. A mile or so of trench and three reinforced bunkers were the only "emplacements," with two watchtowers defending the outskirts of the city. The forest, Okada's Ulmian border, was virtually uninhabited save for the trenches and bunkers. It was going to be a slaughter.

Governor Javek was halfway out the door of the Capitol before he stopped himself. He had to ponder his own actions, and he looked down in shame. He had almost done an unforgivably cowardly act, in his eyes. He stood at the door to the capitol, holding it open.
"Everyone on the outside!" he yelled. "If the bunkers fill, seal the doors and retreat to the capitol building as quickly as you can! These walls may not be bulletproof, but it's a lot better than sitting outside."
He quickly dialed Commander Vorieçki, Commander of the Zoygarian 5th Army stationed in Okada.
. . .
No response.

"Blast," he thought. "They've already been engaged..."
He immediately dialed Vostok. With the crackling of guns in the near distance, he only grew more distraught. The war was here.

Okada, Outskirts, Zoygaria

The crackling of guns set every soldier on edge: it was the sound they had been anticipating, yet nonetheless dreading. Within mere moments, the entire forest was alive with activity. Troops scrambled this way and that, carrying munitions and loading the cannons. Commander Vorieçki shot out from the war room so fast, his phone came flying from his pocket, meekly buzzing on the ground. The orders came from the Commander: shoot everything not Zoygarian, hold the line at any cost. If they breach our defences, plug the hole. If they drive us back, retreat to the city: do not let them take it. The din of shouting and barking orders was almost as deafening as the approaching guns...
"I can't believe it... I still can't believe it..."
"I can't believe the grey's are actually crazy enough to attack us! I'll have whatever their Commander's on."
"It's all happening so fast, I—"
Shells tore the earth asunder as bullets rained from the trees. The Zoygarians returned fire, shooting everything that moved. The Zoygarian 5th Army, a group of 500 men and no vehicles plus a local Aquilonnian militia of 70 men was all that stood between Ulm and Okada. Gritting their teeth, the troops awaited the charge.

Zoygaria wrote:Vostok, Khovostov Oblast, Zoygaria

A light snow blanketed the mountain city of Vostok. People mingled on the streets, children played in the snow, and vendors set up shop in the marketplace. A beautiful and peaceful scene. Such a stark contrast to the state of Zoygaria's newest territory. Within the Frostfall Palace, King Zobieski sat pensively on his throne, thinking of the threat of war. Had he made the right decision in moving to Code G? To delivering an ultimatum? Or should he have been tougher? Firmer? These thoughts were interrupted by a rapid knock at the door to the throne room. The Royal Guard opened the door, and in walked Saijto Solski, Prime Minister of Zoygaria. The normally calm and levelheaded official wore a look of despair, phone in hand. He bowed to King Zobieski, taking a knee.
"My liege... word from Okada. We are under attack."
The King's face grew grim. He gave a solemn nod in reply, as if anticipating this exact situation.
"Raise the flag. Code Efé*."
The entire palace was abuzz with officials and high command personnel. Outside the palace where the flags of the Commonwealth and Vostok flew, the war flag was raised on the normally vacant pole beside the Zoygarian flag. Zoygaria was now at war.

*Code Efé— Efé is the Zoygarian letter [F], and in this instance, stands for Fuerza, the Zoygarian word for force. Code F is essentially the equivalent to Code Red: war.

From the Zoygarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On this day, our nation has been wounded. We face an attack by foreign hand, the hand of a nation we once sought to mend our relations with. Following unsanctioned attacks on Zoygaria's territory of Okada by the Reborn Empire of Ulm, the Zoygaria hereby declares war on Ulm.

Signed by his Royal Majesty, King Arristok Zobieski III of Zoygaria

Gens una, unus populus

Reborn Empire of Ulm wrote:I Aquilonnia I Battlefield I

,,Push on men, push on! Make your Emperor proud!''Commisar Viktor Mayer led his men in reckless fashion typical for him and it was up to soldiers like Hans to keep him alive. Suprisingly enough bullets missed this man even though he always led the charge. Hans gave this some thought and reached conclusion that it was either divine intervention or Zoygarians did not take a man running towards their trench with only a pistol and a sabre seriously. Unfortunetly divine protection must have started to run out because if Hans did not pull the commisar down the hole made by the artillery, it would have been over for him, Gods bless the cannoneer and his bad aim. He was soon joined by the other members of his squad diving headfirst into the hole to avoid the enemy fire.
,,Do you think they would surrender if we asked them nicely?''
,,Why don't you give it a try Otto, they are right here.''
,,No thanks, I will pass.''
,,Less talking, more shooting!''
,,Speak for yourself, Kurt.''
,,Pass me the missile launcher. If artillery cannot silence this bunker, then I will.''
,,With your aim? I do not believe in miracles!''
,,Oh, shut up.''
At this point commisar was visibly annoyed by being ignored by his troops. It looked like he was about to give an inspiring speech, but after being rudely interrupted by a nearby explosion, he seemingly gave up on the idea and focused on laying covering fire. He did not hit enemy even once, but Hans appreciated it. Sadly this did not last long as they were noticed by Zoygarians and forced to duck for cover. Then, artillery finally started to be useful and scored a few direct hits on the bunker.
,,Godess of Victory is smiling upon us!''
,,Why don't she come down there and help us instead?''
Reply was silenced by the sound of gunfire.

I Aquilonnia I Temporary Command Centre in the forest I
,,News from the battlefield Colonel.''
,,Go on, how does the militia do?''
,,They are a little confused, but they've got the spirit. With our assistance, they are making steady progress.''
,,I guess it's time for the second phase of our attack plan. Contact Careia.''

I Aquilonnia I Careia I
Careia's port was empty except for fishing boats and four officers playing cards with Aquilon militia. They've been playing for a while now and they were about to finish, but before they could do that messenger arrived from the city hall. One quick glance at him gave them all the information they needed.
,,We're up men, time to do our part for the Empire. All aboard the boats!''
,,Who came up with this plan, it's stupid.''
,,It's not stupid, if it works. You can fire a complaint later.''
,,You bet.''
Within minutes engines of the fishing boats came to life and departed for Okada. Although storm did not reach Aquilonnia yet, weather was turning worse rapidly. They needed to hurry.

I Atticus Sea I Flagship of the 2nd Fleet ,,Lobo'' I
,,I considered to going on a vacation to Aquilonnia, but if that's the usual weather, then I will pass.''
Storm that was raging outside would make almost every captain think twice before sailing through it. But then, Erwin Mittermeyer was not your avarange captain. He was admiral of the navy, one chosen by the Emperor himself. He had high faith in his abilities and those who were serving under his command in the second fleet.
,,I doubt if we are going to get leave anytime soon admiral.''
,,I know. How's the rest of the fleet?''
,,Minor damage aside, they are doing fine. If we keep up this speed we should reach Aquilonnia today.''
,,What about the main fleet and blockade?''
,,Main fleet left Witterheim recently and they are progressing very slowly. Schurz and Reushenberg are already in vicnity of Zoygarian Colonies and they have begun setting up the blockade.''
,,Any news from Aquilonnia?''
,,Fighting continues, we did not receive any updates yet.''
,,Well, that's fine. I do not think there will be any problems unless Zoygarians barricade themselves in the urban area. If they did that, things could get messy. Let's hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst.''

Official Statement of Imperial Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding Kamilistani peacekeeping mission

Kamilistani peacekeeping mission is denied entry to the mainland of the Empire. They are allowed to supervise conflict in Aquilonnia while being accompanied by political officers, however attempts to enter any other part of the Empire during wartime will be met with force.

Zoygaria wrote:NS deleted half of my RP post >:(
Had to re-write and make up new stuff, enjoy I guess

Okada, Ourskirts, Zoygaria

Whst began as a simple back and forth quickly devolved into an all out firefight. Men who could not reach the safety of the emplacements quick enough dropped left and right, and those who did were greeted with the sight of a much larger force in front of them.
"Get those cannons in better position, and get me some men that can actually aim!"
Despite the conditions and rather disarrayed look of the emplacements, morale was relatively high. It had been decades since Zoygaria had been to war, and her armies were aching to prove themselves as worthy of the history they shared, living out the stories passed down from parent to child.
"Kha! Is that the best they've got? The bunkers aren't even feeling a tickle."
"Shut it, Szokieći."
"Aye, Sergeant."
"What happens if we can't hold them back?"
"Then tonight we dine in hell, brother."
"Whatever awaits us, I'm buying you all a drink."
"Less talking, more shooting. As hilarious as I think you are, we've got a city to defend and grey's to repel. On your feet!"
"Yes, Sergeant!"

The bunkers didn't look like much, but looks could be deceiving. 2½ feet of reinforced concrete and steel nestled in the tree infested hills made for quite a difficult box to open up. Scattered about the trenches and treeline were machinegun pillboxes whose sole purpose was to rain down hellfire upon their foes. The treeline made it impossible for tanks and other heavy artillery to penetrate, so cannons, mortars, and light artillery were the only such devices observed on either side. The soldiers that were not entrenched were either cannoneers or sentries, the sentries whose job was to alert the entrenched soldiers of an impending charge, and to halt outflanking maneuvers. However, the defences paled in comparison to other military positions of the Commonwealth. If Okada had been given more time to build prior to the invasion, the city's defences would have been far better developed, and a home fleet would have been assigned to the harbor. Alas, their time was spent, the only thing to worry about was the battle.

Commander Vorieçki rallied his troops in the central bunker, the bunker he had designated as his command bunker. He believed in fighting alongside his troops, not ordering to their deaths from some lounge in Romari. If there was a chance his soldiers would perish, he intended to share in that chance. Exiting the bunker, rifle in hand, he drove for the trench as the door shut behind him and lead whizzed past in all directions. He rallied the troops and the local Sergeants, boosting morale. He looked to the left. A concealed sentry gave him a hand gesture, and he nodded. A squad approaching the trench. It was the 1st Sergeant who gave the command.
"Bravia Company!"
A long line of faces snapped their heads in her direction.
"Fix bayonets!"
The din of gunfire muffled the clicking and fiddling of metal blades in the trench. She looked at Commander Vorieçki for verification if she could proceed. The Commander solemnly nodded.
"God be with you, Havra."
1st Sergeant Havra smiled before once gain facing her entrenched company.
"Bravia Company! On my command!"
What followed was a collective aura. It could be felt by the entire group. A few Aquilonnian conscripts gazed wide eyed at the Zoygarians, stunned by their silence. They kept shooting. There was an air of excitement and fear. Glory and death. The price of a mile.
"Por el Réj!"
"POR EL RÉJ!" Came the cry.
"Por Dio!"
"Por el honor!"
The 1st Sergeant gave one last look at her Company.
"Viva Zoyívska. CHARGE!"
A roar emerged from the trees as a company of Zoygarian troops climbed from the trenches, bayonets fixed, and charged towards an advancing squad, firing at will. They only had two objectives in mind. Crush the squad, secure a foothold. A few Aquilonnians in the trenches watched in awe. An entire company charging towards the front lines en masse. Giving their lives for the sake of the rest. The plan was to secure a foothold, but every soldier in that trench understood what it really was: a suicide charge. They would eliminate a squad and serve as a distraction. The Ulmians would have to stop shooting at the trenches in order to stop the rapidly advancing swathe of angry shouting Zoygarians ready to turn them into kebabs. This would give the defenders time to fire unimpeded at their assailants, and send squads to back to the city to ensure a final line of defense. Brave. Honorable. Stupid.

Reborn Empire of Ulm wrote:I Aquilonnia I Battlefield I

,,Hold soldiers, hold! I claim this hole for the Empire! I will not let enemy have it, no matter the cost!'' Comissar Viktor Mayer was in his element. Although they were taking out Zoygarians one after another, it was only a matter of time before Zoygarian charge would reach their position and Hans was very well aware of that. Grimly he prepared a grenade, determined to deny Zoygarians foothold even if it meant blowing himself up. Then he felt a tap on his shoulder. It was Otto.
,,Hans, turn around. The forest...''

,,Oh, now they've done it... I'll give it to those cheese lovers, they've got guts.''
,,Hmph. I thought that this battlefield was not worth our time. I'm glad to be proved wrong.''
By leaving relative safety of trenches Zoygarians gave proud warriors of Ulm challange which they would never decline. They've fought on many battlefields and they knew when they saw a worthy opponet. Rare as such encounters were, response was always the same. They faced them head on, and swiftly sent them to Valhalla.
,,My name is Lars Nowitzki! I ask you men gathered here. WHO ARE YOU?''
,,We are warriors of the Empire.''
Zoygarians must have not believed their eyes. Abandoning their positions Ulm's shocktroops charged as one showing no hesitation in face of the enemy. Within seconds seemingly endless sea of matte block armour started to flow out of the forest. Unwavering despite the enemy fire, they ran.

Goodnight I'm kinda sleepy

Zoygaria wrote:

Okada, Outskirts, Zoygaria

"They did it. Those knuckleheads actually did it..."
Commander Vorieçki glanced around at the starstruck men and women around him— The Ulmian front had abandoned their positions to meet the Zoygarian charge. They had an opening.
"Gunners! Concentrate all of your fire on their flanks! I want two platoons out of the trenches and falling back to the city— Aito, you're in command of the retreat."
"A-aye sir! Wait, are you not coming with us?"
"My duty is to these men, and the defence of this city. You are to take as many as you can back to Okada: defend the people at all costs. The rest of us will remain, and hold off the grey's for as long as we can. The day is young; there's time yet to fight."
The captain nodded solemnly as he realized the responsibility he now held. He was now the final line of defense for Okada— just as 1st Sergeant Havra's company sacrificed themselves to buy time for an escape, Commander Vorieçki was throwing away his own life to buy the city time. Everyone was a martyr...

"Come on people, let's move! 2nd platoon, 3rd platoon, with me! 4th platoon 1st and 2nd squad, follow suit! Let's go, let's go!"
"Someone help me with this gun!"
"Woo, we're goin' home, boys!"
As the troops fled the trenches to the city, the spray of gunfire from the trenches only intensified. Running out of ammo was of no concern— now, each soldier was a weapon. Pillboxes and makeshift turrets rained hellfire upon the Ulmian flanks in an attempt to soften them up. The good news about not having heavy equipment? The Ulmians didn't either. As Bravia Company charged through the trees, bodies dropped one by one. Undaunted, they continued their yell, charging towards the rapidly approaching unit like tortured souls out of hell. They sounded like banshees...

The gunfire eventually stopped from the two advancing legions with no time to reload. The militant soldiers collided, and an all-out melee fight broke out. Bayonets swung through the foliage, with even sabres and tantos taking flight. 1st Sergeant Havra fell during the charge, her last words being a defiant "Go get em', boys..."

The retreating soldiers reached Okada in excellent time, and immediately proceeded to set up makeshift emplacements and assist civilians seeking shelter. Now, every building was a stronghold. The Zoygarians were hopelessly outnumbered, with no chance of relief. However, they would fight from street to street, 'till each soldier breathed no more. The Zoygarian flag flew proudly over the city under the rapidly advancing storm clouds. These final hours would likely be the last time it flew over the city. Not even a mile away, citizens of Sajemi could hear the crackling of guns. They knew that Okada had fallen.

Oszk, Capitol District, Czovoska

"Gubernator! Gubernator! Dreadful news..."
Czovoska, like its sister islands, had been undergoing near constant air raid drill for what seemed like an eternity: Governor Bonreí had developed a headache from the wailing of the alarms.
"Yes, what is it? I was half hoping there would be pleasant news for once today..."
"Unfortunately I have no such news, Gubernator. An Ulmian blockade is approaching our territorial waters."
"Kha! They certainly waste no time, do they?"
The Secretary shook his head in response.
"They clearly don't know who they're dealing with— it's time we give Ulm a little military history lesson. Dispatch the Arastian fleet, and have them contact the blockade. Order them to leave at once. If they refuse, blow those tinfoil ducks out of the water."
"Understood, sir."
Czovoska was classified as a key colony— its flag was red, indicating its importance. Czovoska was the central hub for all Zoygarian commerce through the Atticus and Arastian seas, as well as the naval base of the Arastian fleet, Zoygaria's second largest naval force. What Czovoska and its sister islands lacked in size, they more than made up for in firepower.
However, large as the mighty Zoygarian navy may be, it was fractured. The Oblivion Fleet was still in harbor, construction had not yet begun on the Aquilonnian coast guard, and the Porta Lucian navy was miles away from any sort of aid. This meant that the Arastian fleet was on it's own.

A flotilla of 3 Battleships and 2 Destroyers approached the Ulmian blockade. Rear Admiral Szava'la stepped up to the helm, and radioed the enemy fleet.
"This is Rear Admiral Henryk Szava'la of the Tlaloczki Navy. You are intruding upon Czovoski territory with unauthorized and unregistered vessels. Leave at once, or be destroyed."

Povoska wrote:Kolbek Palace, Priśtinja, Povoska

Princess Zobieska sat pensively in a quiet corner of the Royal library. The Royal library was one of her favorite places within Povoska to be— secluded, tranquil, and filled with all the books one could ever feign interest in. Though she was clutching a copy of Mary Shelly's Frankenstein, it was not the book she was looking at. From an outside perspective, it appeared as though she was reading. However, her mind was elsewhere. She was thinking of her people, as she often did. She valued their wellbeing more than anything else, and all too often came a decision she felt might put them at risk.

The people of Povoska loved their Princess. She was highly educated, humble, kind, beautiful, and had a deep respect for her subjects. Unlike her father, she preferred to shy away from public eye, keeping to herself even within the massive walls of the Kolbek palace. However, she frequented local libraries and cafes around Priśtinja, and was unafraid to make a public announcement when necessary.
Though, it could also be said that she overextended herself. Always prioritizing the welfare of her staff and citizenry, she often stayed up late into the night, or found herself over encumbered with tasks. When forced to make executive decisions, she often took an immense amount of time weighing and fretting over each nuance and possible outcome, and how it might impact Povoska down the line. Oh how shocked she was with the declaration of war.

Normally, tensions escalated over time, and slowly built up into each and every crevasse of a situation, eventually bursting into war. However, the most recent conflict all over the news was entirely spontaneous, and left the entire world seeking answers. People were preemptively dubbing it "The Lightning War" due to how suddenly it sparked up. The Principality of Povoska was a member of the Imperial Commonwealth, but followed different rules than other Zoygarian colonies due to its status as Principality. Ruled by the Zoygarian heir, it made decisions independent of Vostok, and was given the same independent authority as a Protectorate might have. When Vostok declared war, each colony declared war, exempting Povoska. The colonies could release official declarations, but once war was declared from the mainland, the colonies were automatically roped in. Povoska however, was different. Like a Protectorate, it could declare its own neutrality or engagement as an independent nation. Like a Protectorate, it had its own division of seats in parliament. With all this in mind, Princess Zobieska was one faced with a choice. Aid the motherland, or stay neutral? She feared for the worst. For now she would wait. Watch and wait. Listen and wait. She shook herself from her stare, and resumed reading.

Reborn Empire of Ulm wrote:I Aquilonnia I Border I

In contrast to Zoygarians shocktroops fought in silence entirely focused on the battle. Many of them were survivors from attack on the Fort 1321 during pacification of the UD and even shovels became deadly weapons in their hands. Those who were not engaged in melee combat continued to charge at the enemy positions. As they emerged from smoke they looked more like a devils than humans. They ignored bullets flying around them and continued their assalut while returning fire.

I Atticus Sea I Vicnity of Okada I Flagship of the 2nd Fleet ,,Lobo'' I

,,Admiral we have arrived.''
,,Launch aircraft from ,,Blanca'' and give our lads some air support. Also prepare a message for the enemy.''

,,To the Zoygarian forces in Aquilonnia. Surrender at once. I have capability to turn entire city into rubble and I will do so if it means reducing casualties suffered by our forces. I will not repeat myself. You have been warned.''

I Sea of Arastia I Vicnity of Zoygarian Colonies I

Response from Admiral Schurz and Admiral Reushenberg was immidiete although problably not what Zoygarian Rear Admiral expected. 5th and 4th Fleet opened fire at the 5 approaching ships in one coordinated barrage without any warning and aircraft started taking off from carriers. It was clear that they were not in a mood for diplomacy. They were given order from their Emperor and they would carry it out without fail.

I would write more but I have writer's block and I do not want to keep you waiting even longer. Should I write something similiar to BDDV's Kriegsmarine dispatch in order to keep track of ships during the battles?

Zoygaria wrote:(Graći for dispatch, Too-Technical Japan. Is very helpful :>)
Okada, Outskirts, Zoygaria

One by one, the brave soldiers of Bravia Company fell to the ground, fighting until their last dying breath. The odds were hopeless— no Zoygarian offensive could dream of breaking the Ulmian lines. The entrenched soldiers fought silently, mourning the deaths of their comrades. The most anyone could hope for was that they bought the rear guard enough time to defend the city... and do what?

Commander Vorieçki sunk into the trench as the sheer hopelessness of the situation truly set in. They were a mere 570, a number that was quickly falling, against a force much larger than theirs. They were isolated with no hope of rescue from the mainland, no navy or coast guard of their own, and the distinct possibility of an Ulmian fleet following the storm. The trenches would likely be overrun— there was no hope of defeating the Ulmians, only stalling them as long as possible. But why? With no hope of victory... why?

A nearby explosion shook the Commander out of his daze. He understood. It was a symbol. It was duty. A wise man once said; "I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees." This was the Zoygarian way. A Zoygarian never backed down until death took him by the throat and dragged him under. Okada would not surrender for Ulm. Ulm would have to come and take it.

As the last of Bravia Company fell, the Commander resumed his position. With newfound drive, he called: "Soldiers! Who do you fight for?"
"Zoygaria!" came the reply.
"Then let us make Zoygaria proud."
An incoherent sound of approval was voiced by the scattered soldiers, trying to avoid sticking too-far out of the trenches. Their time was almost here, but they would be swinging their fists until the last.

Okada, Southern Aquiląnia, Zoygaria

The small group of soldiers emerged from the forest bearing guns, mortars, and boxes of ammunition. The few remaining people outside at first let out cries of joy—
"They're here," many exclaimed. "Our soldiers are here!"
Their smiles left them as they realized what that meant.
"Set this cannon up! Double time!"
"Hey, why are you civies out here?! Get to those shelters, there's no time!"
A loud crash filled the air, preventing the soldier from addressing the people again. The storm had arrived.

The grey skies loomed over the city, a harbinger of the grey days yet to come. Sergeant Aito approached the Governor, who was still making sure everyone made it to safety.
"Lovely weather we're having, eh?"
Aito gave the Governor a half smile and nodded.
"The bunkers will hold."

"I wish there was more we could do... you should take shelter with us."

"Negative, sir. My duty is to defend them."

He gestured to the few remaining civilians left, and to his small group of men.
"Is there any chance of evacuation to Sajemi? Japan is neutral, so Ulm shouldn't attack it."

"I'm afraid not, sir. The road has not yet been finished, and that storm will capsize any boats we send out if the Grey's don't get them first."
Governor Javek momentarily grew pale.

"What... what will happen to the people, Sergeant? When the Ulmians come, I mean."
Aito furrowed his brow.

"There's no telling, sir. But, judging by how Ulm attacked without warning and how they dealt with their own insurgents, I doubt the standard of life will be agreeable."

"... Take care, soldier."

Aito nodded, and went back to his troops.

"Gens una, unus populus."

Sea of Arastia, Czovoski Territorial Waters

In seconds, Tajfún went up in smoke. Rear Admiral Szava'la both was and was not expecting such an... immediate response.
"All batteries, fire, fire! Blow those guppies out of the water."
Tajfún, heavily damaged, struggled to train her guns. As she began to list, she sent out an S.O.S. to Oszk harbor. She let out a few defeated volleys before slowly starting to tilt nose-first into the blue. The remaining four ships, moving to cover for their comrade, let loose a salvo of lead that could level a forest. The smoke released from the guns was so thick and plentiful that the gunners began to have trouble discerning cloud from powder.

In the harbor, the fleet stirred. Tajfún's distress call had not gone unheard. The Arastian fleet mobilized as the Voloski flotilla left their waters, setting a rendezvous point with the Czovoski navy. The fleet is coming.