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ARTS CC: Home Page

Academy for Roleplaying Things and Stuff: Crash Course
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Welcome to ARTS: Crash Course!

Over the next few weeks you'll be able to use this page to get access to a whole bunch of new information and activities to help you become the roleplayer you want to be. This is intended to be an introduction to roleplay, but if you already have experience and are looking to push your limits and expand your repertoire, head on over to our forums to sign up for more advanced classes!

This course is open to all nations within reason. So if you're from another region and have stumbled over here, welcome! Feel free to stay a while! If you're here because you want to make fun of our program, please leave all complaints in that black hole over there and go on your merry way.

More info will be added to this home page as it is released.

The current latest announcements are as follows:
Lesson Two: Godmodding and You has been released
Lesson Three: Punches and Explosions for Dummies will be released on Monday, March 1st.
Lesson Four: Preacting, Acting, and Reacting Will be released on Thursday, March 4th.

The Top Student of the Month is: [N/A]!!!!
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