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My NS Family I guess...

[spoiler=Parents][nation]The Age of Utopia[/nation]: The weird dad who tortures and teases his child a lot.[/spoiler][spoiler=Siblings][nation]The Potatoez[/nation]: Older brother who is actually nice to me on a daily basis. Lets me test nukes on him.[/spoiler][spoiler=Outside Relations I Guess...][nation]Zebruski[/nation]: Best friend! Happens to love country music maybe even more than me. Also is really funny
[nation]Neue deutsche Kaukasier[/nation]: Mystery man. Know nearly nothing about. I do think hes pretty cool though.
[nation]Sierra Grand[/nation]: The a**hole who drove me out of [region]Amalgamated Federation[/region] THREE TIMES.
[nation]Celestial Wave[/nation]: Good friend who argues with me over whether Alexander Hamilton or Aaron Burr is better. Also is my math tutoring student i suppose.
[nation]Sun Burst[/nation]: Good friend who recognizes my uncanny ability to do math. Also lacks an ability to keep things secret.
[nation]The Imagination Animals[/nation]: Good friend, who is pretty good at RP.
[nation]Tocan Isle[/nation]: Good friend who is also pretty good at raiding.[/spoiler]