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The League's Chronicle - Issue 3 2/21/21

[box][center][size=220]This edition of the League's Chronicle was brought to you by:[/size]

[size=125]Press Chairman [nation]Gagium[/nation][/size]
[size=125]Publishers and Supporting Editors [nation]Quebecshire[/nation], [nation]Eminople[/nation], and [nation]Terranihil[/nation][/size]

[size=125]LCN Chronicle Staff [nation]Amaan land[/nation][/size]

[center][i]The League's Chronicle is now hiring writers and correspondents - Contact [nation]Gagium[/nation] through telegrams or [url=]the LCN's discord server[/url] if you're interested! Anyone may apply.[/i][/center]
[spoiler=[size=150]Contact [nation]Gagium[/nation] or [nation]Quebecshire[/nation] if you want to be notified of future League's Chronicle publications [i]by NationStates tag[/i] when they release![/size]]
[nation]Karimun Jawa[/nation]
[nation]Neo Polisophos[/nation]