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TWC | Statement Regarding Montealba

Representing His Imperial Majesty, His Majesty's Government, and citizens of the Crown, I would like to address the recent [u]detestable[/u] incident regarding [region]Montealba[/region].

Unsurprisingly, this [u]exact[/u] Dispatch was to be used for the declaration of war upon [region]Montealba[/region] and its people. The world we live in is truly illusive and dynamic. We ([i][region]The Wolf Clan[/region][/i]) were alerted to this set of circumstances via the NSLeaders server, the evidence provided is [u]abhorrent[/u] in nature. The subject matter of the aforementioned evidence is too graphic, execrable, and distasteful for this site to be described or shown.

However, although this [u]abominable[/u] display will be unforgettable and forever taint the region of [region]Montealba[/region], should the acts of 3 [u]rogue[/u] members of this antecedent region eternally condemn the region; brought upon by a miniscule minority from within? Despite the perpetrators being small in numbers in comparison to the population of the region, the [u]entire[/u] region is guilty due to remaining silent and complicit while these [u]vile[/u] and [u]offensive[/u] displays took place in front of them. Albeit these ostentations are [u]incredibly[/u] flagrant, the effort and remorse of the parties involved is something to account for. The release of this information is seen as [u]valid[/u] and [u]commendable[/u] in the eyes of the Emperor.

We leave these words of wisdom with [region]Montealba[/region], hoping they further amend their iniquitous acts.

"Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like."

[i]―Lao Tzu[/i]

We fervently [u]condemn[/u] the actions of the reprobates within [region]Montealba[/region]; urging their allies to cut ties [u]immediately[/u], most prominently [region]KAISERREICH[/region]. We know they are sorrowful, but is it because they got caught, or is it truly a change of heart?

[i]On behalf of His Imperial Majesty,[/i]


Prime Minister of [region]The Wolf Clan[/region]

The Narcostate of Puetavisa