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Hulldom for Senate 2021

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[b][color=#a92d7f][font=Century Gothic][size=175][i]Hello![/i][/size]

[size=125]If you aren't familiar with me by now, allow me to introduce myself. I'm [nation]Hulldom[/nation] or as [nation]Baobab-Bumbaria[/nation] calls me "WA author of the many names". For long-time residents, you may recognize me as a voice of silliness and occasionally reason in the RMB, the cantankerous defender of his prerogative in #ns-politics, or the voice crying out for a stronger, more effective, and more proactive WA Program. During my time on NS I've been extremely privileged to be able to be active in the World Assembly, authoring both [url=]GA #522[/url] and [url=]GA #539[/url], with more hopefully to come. I've also been active in our regional government, serving as Deputy Election Commissioner, Election Commissioner, briefly as a member of the House, and now as an incumbent Senator.[/size][/font]

[size=125][font=Century Gothic]As for who I am politically, I'm a disenchanted member of the "Liberal Establishment", a proud and avowed cosmopolitan, and an ardent believer in the potential of this region-if only we don't muck it up. I'm seeking my second consecutive term in the Senate this time, but not on the Liberty Party's line. I believe that my maverick tendencies and the continued need to distance ourselves from the past means that I should run as an Independent candidate for office, and that's just what I'm doing.[/font][/size]

[b][color=#a92d7f][font=Century Gothic][size=175]
So What Am I Going To Fight For This Term?[/size]

[size=125] A codification of the nascent WA Program into law with more professionalization of it.
 Ratification of the Treaty of Lausanne to ensure that Thaecia does not miss out on the benefits of the Consortium
 Amendments to the military act to require the military to make reports publicly available and readily accessible.
 Legislation which would compel the Executive to complete work on a forum so that Thaecia's foreign relations could be furthered and so that fully on-site members will have an opportunity to interact with the wider community.
 Legislation which would officially create a Thaecian Card Guild, to reward hard work that while useful is not exemplary or sustained enough to warrant induction into the Order of Thaecia.
 Legislation which would create a points based election system so that only those with the most support overall make it into Congress.
 An overhaul of Senate procedures so that it fits the needs of the Senate while also being crystal clear and observing real life precedents.
 A system for regular reports and hearings with the Senate for Ministers, especially the Foreign Minister, so that our crucial oversight task can be undertaken seamlessly.
 An overhauled Senate leadership as it is clear the current leadership is not, in my opinion, up to the task of running the Senate.
 Codification of a formal Senate internship program as I plan to personally begin the hiring of a clerk for my office as soon as I'm elected.
 A re-invigoration of the Thaecian Bar Association to ensure that members, including myself, do not fall out of practice with our "mastery" of the Legal Code.
 An emphasis on cross-party communication and cross-party connections to ensure that the spate of new parties does not lead to the infighting we've seen in the past.[/size]

[size=125][i]And of course, being an active legislator: asking questions, making amendments, making my stances known, and generally being approachable for the questions and concerns of my constituents: you.[/i][/size]


[b][color=#A92D7F][font=Century Gothic][size=175]
So Why Am I Running Again?[/size][/font]

[size=125][font=Century Gothic]I'm running for a second consecutive term in the Senate because I vehemently believe that there is work yet to be done and that while I may not have *much* in the tank that I can still fight for what I believe in in this region. I believe strongly that the recent spate of parties also does not provide an alternative for the citizenry who believe that integration into the wider world is necessary, that friends with all and allies with some is a dictum we should follow, and that there is still serious work to be done on non-RP law; I believe I can be the voice for that citizenry. Finally, I'm running because I've thoroughly enjoyed my time working in the Senate and with my fellow Senators and I hope those who choose to run for re-election are back kicking with myself and the rest of the returnees after the election.

[b][color=#A92D7F][font=Century Gothic][size=175]
So What's Next? Will You Try To Forge A New Movement In Thaecian Politics?[/size]

[size=125]Well, to address the second question first: we all saw how that went the [i]last[/i] time I tried it. In all seriousness though, I'm weighing all of my options at this time. While I'm perfectly content to remain an independent candidate for office and an independent officeholder, if there were sufficient interest in a party led by me, I'd strongly consider forming my own organization. My sincerest hope, however, is that we, roleplaying politicians, do not see ourselves as overly ideological or too overly partisan.[/size][/font]

[size=125][font=Century Gothic]As for the near future, I will be running for Senate Chair (again). This time, however, I will not run just as token opposition but on a platform of fighting back against mismanagement and poor judgement. I relish the fight and I hope I'm returned so that I can fight it.[/font][/size][/color][/b][/box]

[b][color=#A92D7F][font=Century Gothic][size=175]My Support[/size][/font][/color]
 [size=125][font=Century Gothic][nation]The Islamic Country of Honour[/nation] [color=#808080](IND)[/color], [color=#A92D7F]Home Affairs Minister (November 2020-present), former Senator[/font][/size][/color]
 [size=125][font=Century Gothic][nation]Pap Sculgief[/nation] [color=#808080](IND)[/color], [color=#A92D7F]former Minister of Education (November 2020-December 2020), former Senator[/font][/size][/color][/b]

[b][color=#A92D7F][font=Century Gothic][size=125]As a final note, thank you so much for taking the time to read this dispatch! Also, make sure you vote starting in early March, make sure your voice is heard and your vote counts![/size][/font][/color][/b][/box]

[background-block=#A92D7F][font=Century Gothic][color=#FFFFFF][center][b][i]This dispatch property of Hulldom for Senate, March 2021, do not reproduce in whole or in part without the express consent of the candidate.[/i][/b][/center][/color][/font][/background-block]