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Gnostic Chirhine

Harmony and inner-enlightenment birthed the Chirhine faith as a syncretic combination of Heilrhine to the east and Chiroism to the west: believing that Rhine created both the sun and moon and shaped the earth as we know it. nature and life is to be respected and honored for it is through admiration of all creation that one can begin to understand one's meaning and strive for perfection. Through study and introspection one can become master of their determined destiny and shield the faithful from the shadows that lurk in the darkness.


Chirhine doctrine is based on study of the natural physical world and the wisdom of ancestors.  It is learned along with reverence for the circle of life and safeguarding the natural to keep it in balance.
Death is not a time for one to mourn in Chirhine for it is through the passing and burning of body that one assumes one's place amongst the wisest of us: the spirits and ancestors. Rhine does not wish for those who strived for knowledge and goodliness to suffer in death and rewards the faithful with eternal understanding and the ability to answer the prayers and inquiries of the faithful. Those who lived wicked or ignorant lives will as well know balance for when they pass their essence shall awaken again in the world ready to begin the cycle anew, Rhine is forever merciful allowing for self improvement across multiple life times.

[b]The 7 Noble Truths[/b]
1.One must revere the sanctity of nature that Rhine has provided.
2.Always strive to improve
3.Self-Reflection is vital
4.Respect wisdom from all sources
5. Lead life by Rhine's example
6. The Enlightened exist to instruct us all
7 Honor those less fortunate than oneself 

[b]Psalms of understanding[/b]
One requires equality for balance
Nature enriches as we care for it
One's life is for betterment
Mistakes have lasting ripples and may follow into the next life
The day and night sky protect the worthy

the Enlightened speaker to the ancestors, purveyor of balance, and vessel of Rhine's judgment
Lore-keepers assist those in their community with pure living and transcribe the guidance of Rhine's word
Aspirants follow the wisdom of the Lore-keepers and perform rites and ceremony 

[b]Civilizations[/b] The Enlightened Republic of Sanaq orchestrated the reformation of Gnostic Chirhine and counts itself the most fervent adherents to its philosophy the republic is ruled by the Enlightened himself.