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Vrakenalk (Disgustingly Huge WIP)

[spoiler=If you are sensitive and get offended easily by Fascism and that sort of thing don’t click :)
I’m also working on an extremely sedated version of this factbook... And remember that I don’t endorse or support anything within Vrakenalk. Including Genocide][align=centre][background-block=black][color=lime]FOR BEST EXPERIENCE SET YOUR THEME TO “DARK”[/color]


The world was dying.... riots exploded every hour in every country... The coasts of the world were being drowned in floods... the collapse of Civilisation was inevitable... Radical Ideologies sprung up on every corner claiming to hold the answer to this mayhem. From Religious Zealots yelling at how only the faithful will survive this dark era to Conspiracy Nuts bellowing that secret societies where behind all of this and that we must retreat underground...
Then, most of the world leaders met in Copenhagen to decide for themselves what happens... they got increasingly desperate as no conclusion could be universally agreed upon... that was until Herrman Dyker seized power in Germany. He brutally took over the conference and forced his ideals on it, Eugenics and Nationalism. Soon the German situation stabilised, which caused Herrmans legitimacy to increase. A little while later an agreement was reached.... called the Dyker Agreement. Each country vowed that they would withdraw from the international community and focus on their nations problems... Herrman soon went mad. He wanted to dominate the earth with a “super race” and his ideals and motifs grew more and more grotesque and twisted. He decided to invade Denmark and nuke Copenhagen, and to abandon Germany to the Bavarian Anarchists. He ordered a mass migration to Denmark and created the nation of Vrakenalk.  NOT FINISHED YET.[/font][/box]

[box][font=courier][b][u]Geography[/u][/b] [/color][/font]
[color=lime] [font=courier]NOT FINISHED YET.[/font][/box]

Vrakenalkite Politics is extremely confusing, so here we will condense it down to simplistic chunks.[/font]

Vrakenalk has 4 main political factions. However, they are not the kind you see in a free country. The 4 are:
The Vraken SS
Mostly concerned with enforcing Eugenics and the Vrakenalkite intelligence, they are extremely secretive, as they regularly perform taboo tasks and genocides in the name of Vrakenalk.[/font]

[font=courier]The Vraken Military
The main military power in Vrakenalk, they demand the mass militarisation of Vrakenalk.[/font]

[font=courier]The Dyker Pact
The most influential out of the lot, they want to achieve 'Dykers Dream' at all costs.[/font]

[font=courier]The Sciences Party
Easily the most disliked party, they frequently dabble in genetics, 'Divine Kahgaans' and gruesome anatomical experiments.[/font]

[font=courier]How does it work?:[/font]

[font=courier]They are all part of the combined 'Vrakenalk Party'. However, every 'election' each member of the Vrakenalk party has to vote for another member to win. The person with the most votes becomes Chancellor and gets to represent their 'sub-party'.[/font]

[color=lime] [font=courier] The parliament is secluded and heavily guarded... it has been destroyed and rebuilt many times...
NOT FINISHED YET.[/font][/box]

NOT FINISHED YET.[/box][/font]
[font=courier]There are only two acceptable languages in Vrakenalk.[/font]
[font=courier]The more widely used one is Vraken, while the lesser used one is called Khaagan. (It is exclusively used by Divine Khaagans, the Vraken SS, for coded communication, and for Secret Pagan Societies.)[/font]
[font=courier]First, here are some Vraken Basics:
Hello= Gutentag
I am= Ik ben
And= Untr
Yes= Jya
No= Nienn 
I = Ik
Sorry = Tutmirlieden
Thank you = Danko
My= Moen
Friend= Freude[/font]

[font=courier]Here is the maximum of Khaagan that most people know.
Hello= Oskrotte (or) E'loostr
Goodbye= Broleits 
I am= Fienrr
Thank you= Drikni
Please= V'kar[/font][/box]

[box][font=courier][b][u]Imports and Exports[/u][/b]
Due to Vrakenalk’s distrust of the outside world, Imports and exports are very scarce. The only main things that are imported are concrete mixture and dyes. Vrakenalk also only exports fish, which it has an over-abundance of, and Iron, which Vrakenalk is rich in.[/color][/font][/box]
Vrakenalks military is extremely powerful, thanks to a multitude of reasons. The first is our army is made up of hardened 'Spartans' 
 NOT FINISHED YET.[/color][/box][/font]

NOT FINISHED YET.[/color][/font]
NOT FINISHED YET.[/box][/color][/font]