by Max Barry

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by The Autarch Monarchy of Keursa. . 2 reads.

The "Lašeųr őfěs tęmůră"

The splendid group of the most talented musical instrumentalists are to assemble the ball celebration of the grand famous Lašeųr ofəs tęmůră. The stunning play of the grand love of the Great Goddess Bermuda and her romantic approaches from The God Baal and the marriage with him. This heart lifting story is about a woman of faith whom was thought to be a man, the world throwing all at her and the finding she was the Keys. The Keys are the Avatar as oneness as humble and beauty of Jealousy. She was harmed by so many. She always stayed in faith. The passing of her is not a fear and the reunion with Baal her God is a faithful promise. The Jealousy of Life she is. Her heart is to love. The horror she faces is not a startle. She mirrors intimate beauty. She is known by he as the heartbreak of man. Her fate is with betrayal. Yet her fate is from peace. She hears the music of her god. She has a power nothing can stand to, Destiny. She would die trying. Life is always the answer."