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Quotes of the day of Callista

Here are the quotes of the day of Callista, so they are never forgotten:

"this is untrue, I just wanted to drown in peace"-[nation]Barlyy[/nation]

"Dang Dominoes pizza and their wonderful legal wording"-[nation]Baloo Kingdom[/nation]

"Would it be funny for an April fools joke if I commended Australia, but wrote the whole proposal upside down?"-[nation]Sorianora[/nation]

"How fast should I eat your people?"-[nation]Lands of Ann[/nation]

"I thought people were trying to throw canned meat at each other for a second there."-[nation]Barlyy[/nation]

"Happy 100-days-since-founding, Callista!"-[nation]Hagston[/nation]

"McHello"-[nation]Reunited Rome[/nation]

"Mario Party and ruthless capitalism honestly make a great combination"-In loving memory of [nation]viciebskaja[/nation], 2016-2020

"Oh wow it actually got to vote lmao"-[nation]Dominioan[/nation]

"Enter me Owo"-[nation]Sorianora[/nation]

"no swearing this is a christian Minecraft server"-[nation]nooooooooooooooo[/nation]

"the feeling when you telegram someone about a card you want and they actually respond"-[nation]Saarz[/nation]

"[I]THE EMUS WILL COME TO YOU IN THE NIGHT[/I]"-[nation]Cerata[/nation]

"where new quote of day?"-[nation]Arisyan[/nation]

"ďAnd now Iím going to invade Korea, and then hopefully China,Ē he said, and failed, and also died."-[nation]Barlyy[/nation]

"it smells like waffles here"-[nation]Nooooooooooooooo[/nation]

"Well, I Think It's About time to Cause A Few Thousand Civilian Casualties with Indiscriminate Firepower"-[nation]Poskukune[/nation]

"Le shutdown"-[nation]Ethics Committee of the SCPF[/nation]

"sorianora is vanilla ice confrimd"-[nation]Nooooooooooooooo[/nation]

"You know what, screw you. *bombs democracy*"-[nation]Isle Of Husbando[/nation]

The Federation of Arisyan