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FREE Flag Requests!

[center]Hello! I'm offering [b]FREE[/b] flag requests to all Refugia Member States. All you have to do to request me is either telegram my nation, [nation]Melenavenia[/nation], or message me on Discord at Raskuly#0627! [I]I'm certified in Adobe Photoshop and learning Adobe Illustrator. I'm not an artist and don't have the ability to make custom artistic designs however.[/i]

[b]Please provide who you are with proof[/b] if you are messaging me on Discord and [b]provide a clear explanation of what your request is[/b]. I'll try to complete it as soon as possible. 

An acceptable message would be: [i]"Hi! This is [Nation name] and I'm contacting you because I'd like to request you. What I want is [Description of flag request]. Here is a screenshot of my settings page to prove that I am who I say I am."[/i]

[size=120][b]An acceptable screenshot of the settings page:[/b][/size]

An unacceptable message would be: [i]"Can you give me a flag?"[/i]

[size=120][b]An unacceptable screenshot of the settings page:[/b][/size]

[size=120][b]Examples of my past work:[/b][/size]


The Dominion of Melenavenia