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Supercup of Keltsvia

The Supercup of Keltsvia (Superkup Keltsvihi) is a super cup tournament in Keltsvian football. Founded in 2020 as a four-team competition: the winners and runners-up of the First Division league and the winners and runners-up of the Royal Cup. The first season of this trophy is the current one, 2020-2021.

Superkup Keltsvihi

Organising body: Royal Keltsvian Football Federation
Founded: 6 June 2020
Country: Keltsvia
Number of teams: 4
Current champions: TBD
Most successful club: TBD
TV partner: Kanal Spora
Website: superkup-vudbola.kl
Current: 2020-21 Superkup

Competition format

The tournament consists in 4 matches, all of them in neutral venues:

  • Semi-final 1: 1st Division league winner versus Royal Cup runner-up

  • Semi-final 2: Royal Cup winner versus 1st Division league runner-up

  • Match for the 3rd place between the losing teams of each semi-final

  • Final between the winning teams of each semi-final

There are some exceptions:

  • If the winner of the league and the cup is the same team, that team will be automatically classified for the final and the only semi-final match would be between the runner-up teams of each competition.

  • If the winner of one competition is runner-up of the other one, that team will be automatically classified for the final. And only one semi-final will be held too.

  • If there's only one semi-final, there is no need for a 3rd place match, because the losing team of the semi-final would be already in the 3rd place.

  • If the winner of the league is the runner-up of the cup and the winner of the cup is the runner-up of the league, only the final match will be held between those two teams.

Clubs (2020-2021)

To be determined.

List of champions

To be determined.

Performance by club

To be determined.

All time clubs table

To be determined.

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