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ARTS CC: Godmodding and You

Academy for Roleplaying Things and Stuff: Crash Course
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Welcome to ARTS: Crash Course Lesson Two!

Today we'll be taking a dive into godmodding: the good and the bad.

What is godmodding?
Most commonly, godmodding occurs when one player takes control of another player's character or makes them react to things without first discussing it with the other person first. This is also called powerplaying. A common example of this is during a fight when one character throws a punch and says it knocks the other player out before giving them a chance to block.
Less commonly, godmodding occurs when a player uses their own outside or planning info to make their character indestructible. This is frequently confused with Mary Sue-ing. The very slight difference is here that a Mary Sue is designed to be perfect and cannot lose, while external godmodding allows the player to adjust their character in the moment to respond flawlessly to whatever is being thrown at them.

But up there you said the good and the bad! This all seems bad!
I did say that, yes. Sometimes, godmodding is necessary to resolve a situation. In this case, contact your partner before godmodding to get a sense of how their character would react to whatever it is that you would like to do and then make your post. If your partner becomes stuck, godmodding can also help you pull them back into the story. Again, thi should only be done with permission of the player. Writing someone in when they wanted to be a million miles away is just rude.

Today's Lesson's assignment that can be turned in for 0.05 Card Bank is:

Evaluate the following post. Name ONE thing done well. Name TWO things done badly and provide suggestions to correct them.

"Without hesitation, Bob caught the arrow in his bare hands before whirling around to face Joe. With precision, he launched the arrow right back at Joe like a dart. It landed squarely in Joe's chest, causing Joe to topple to the ground. Bob ran over to Joe whilst drawing his sword, leveling the glinting blade at Joe's exposed throat.

"You ready to give up yet?" He asks

"I'll never give in to you!" Joe responds

Bob is about to end this fight once and for all when Moe jumps on his back, tackling him to the ground! Joe now gets back up. Bob is surrounded by enemies! He calls out to his fellow soldiers for help."

The Silverfish Army of Ruguo