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Xernon and Andusre Banject the Reformists

Xernon and Andusre Banject the Reformists, a parody of Gotham S1 E7
MP Upper Ontario and Hudson Bay
SENATOR Bradonia
MP Lisbane
FAM Korsinia

XERNON and ANDUSRE enter into UPPER ONTARIO’s DMs, bringing BRADONIA along with them.

XERNON: Upper Ontario and Hudson Bay, you're under arrest.

ANDUSRE (to reformist goons): Move. Leave Server button is right over there. Stay quiet.

ONTARIO: What in NationStates are you thinking?

XERNON: We're thinking we'll take you both to the High Court and charge you with conspiracy to overthrow the Thaecian government.

ONTARIO: Try and take me in. You won't make it to #general.

BRADONIA: That's exactly what I said.

XERNON: This is a lawful criminal case. If you resist, you will be banjected.

ONTARIO: I see. We all get banjected in a blaze of glory.

XERNON: If that's how it works out, that's fine with me. How about you, Andy?

ANDUSRE: Fine by me.

BRADONIA: Oh Zoopolis.

ONTARIO: I envy you, boys. Having nothing to lose must be liberating. Must feel pretty good.

XERNON: Yes, it does.

ONTARIO: Suppose you did have something to lose. What would you do then? Suppose, for instance, I had a corrupt B/C officer ready to banject Korsinia right now. Would you still be so brave?

XERNON: You don't.

ONTARIO: I'm telling you I do.

XERNON: You're a liar.

ONTARIO: I have many faults, but I'm not a liar. Lisbane…has Korsinia. You know Lisbane.

XERNON: You're lying. He's left the Discord.

ONTARIO: He rejoined. Came right to my DMs to plead for your residency stat. You have a good Foreign Affairs Minister there. He loves you very much. Too much.

XERNON: Prove it. Prove you have him.

ONTARIO: I could. But I won't. I want you to believe me.

ANDUSRE: It's obvious, Xernon, he's lying.

ONTARIO: Am I? If you think so, go ahead and try to bring me in. You'll be banjected, so you won't know what happens to Korsinia. But it won't be pretty.


ONTARIO: On my mother's grave. Drop your ban hammers...and Korsinia won't be harmed in any way.