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The Ravens Of Pakern

February 27th 2021
Erskentanian National Football League (ERNAFOLE)

The Ravens Of Pakern


Nickname(s):Ravens/Flying Pakernians

Founded: December 2003

Manager: Shaklani Aferkan

Team Captain: Johon Letkain


Location: Pakern

Home Stadium: Moonlight Stadium (Photo of the Leon Guanajuato Stadium)


Team Colors: Black, Purple and White

The Ravens Of Pakern

"The Ravens Of Pakern" is an Erskentanian national and international football team wich is controlled by ERNAFOLE. It represents Erskentania on the United Balder Football Association (UBFA) March 2021. It's the most representative national football team on Erskentania according to a poll ERNAFOLE made on August 2016.