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SC Recommendation Archive: Vote FOR 'Repeal Liberate The Embassy' | OWL


Repeal 'Liberate The Embassy'

Background Information

Proposal title: Repeal 'Liberate The Embassy'
Author: Alcala-Cordel
Purpose: To repeal the previous liberation of The Embassy, as defender forces have successfully repelled the raiders and it would hinder natives from long-term securing the region themselves.


Vote .For.

The Office's Analysis

The target of this repeal, SC#344 Liberate The Embassy, was written to prevent raiders from refounding The Embassy after raiders captured the Delegacy. However, with the help of defenders, The Embassy has now been returned to native control. This development means that the liberation only hurts the security of The Embassy because it prevents the remaining native from imposing a password to safeguard the region from further raids. As a platform for interregional communication, it is important that the historical record of The Embassy is not wiped from existence by a refound, which a password would protect against. Thus, jointly with the Partnership for Sovereignty, OWL recommends a vote FOR Repeal "Liberate The Embassy".

Supplementary Opinions


From TSP Citizens

Doge Land is an OWL staff member and legislator of the South Pacific.

Doge Land wrote:A repeal is required to put a password back on The Embassy and make sure it's safe.

Tepertopiais the OWL Director of the South Pacific.

Tepertopia wrote:The Embassy was liberated so it could be freed from the occupying raider forces. This has been achieved, and keeping the liberation in effect would only hinder the natives from setting up a password themselves again, thus making the region less secure from invasion. Therefore, the liberation should be repealed now.

Apatosaurus is an OWL staff member and legislator of the South Pacific. He posted this on the NS forums:

Apatosaurus wrote:This will allow natives to password the region so that it will not be raided in the future. Full support.

From the World

The Partnership for Sovereignty issued the following recommendation:

Partnership for Sovereignty wrote:Previously, the Partnership for Sovereignty issued a recommendation in support of the resolution Liberate The Embassy. At the time this resolution was passed, The Embassy was occupied by raider forces and under imminent threat of destruction due to the low amount of influence present within the region. A refound of The Embassy by raiding regions would have represented the destruction of its regional message board and a permanent end to the region's long-term potential to once again serve as a connecting hub for a variety of regions.

While some have maligned The Embassy as "spam", these nations are trapped in a bubble that is woefully ignorant of the foreign affairs interests and modes of gameplay practiced by many smaller communities. This is why the Partnership for Sovereignty supported decisive action to maintain The Embassy as a platform for communication and international engagement.

Now, circumstances have changed. The Embassy is now under native control, supported by liberating forces from 10000 Islands, Thaecia, The League of Conservative Nations, Valhalla, The Snakes, The South Pacific, and others. In order for The Embassy to resume building its embassy network, its Liberation must be repealed to allow its native community to restore its password and continue achieving its purpose.


From TSP Citizens

At the time of writing, OWL had not found a solid opinion against the resolution from TSP citizens. You can make your own opinion heard by posting it on the Regional Message Board of the WA Voting Center!

From the World

Praeceps is the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the North Pacific. He posted this on TNP's forums:

Praeceps wrote:I'm unconvinced it's the appropriate time for a repeal given that the region has hardly been rebuilt to the point that it can fend off future invasion attempts.

Vexilia is a citizen of the North Pacific. They posted this on TNP's forums:

Vexilia wrote:To avoid continued abuses and exploitation they will require the safeguards to allow themselves to rebuild.