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Layem Times Article: Weekly RP Update (2/28/21)

Sunday, February 28th, 2021- - - Confederacy of Layem

Weekly RP Update (February 28th, 2021)

by Minor RP Correspondents Tsarstvo Alyaski

This Roleplay Update co-operates with the other articles of Layem Times, in order to provide the Confederacy of Layem with clear, unbiased news on the current Colonial Discord RP, in addition to the Forum Roleplay.

Written by Granger_Air.02 or otherwise known as Tsarstvo Alyaski.

Good day to all readers of this article, in cooperation with the other journalists of the Layem Times, we at the Roleplay team are tasked with the writing of the latest news, stories and other trivial gossip of the select role-plays currently active in the Confederacy of Layem.

Date of completion: Saturday the 27th of February, 2021

Discord: The Second Colonial RP

The Ottoman - European War:
On Saturday the 20th of February, 2021, we saw the biggest war to date in the Second Colonial Roleplay.
The Ottoman Empire, lead at the time by discord user MxdnxghtFlamez had taken an opportunity to strike at a weakened Hungary, of whom the player controlling it at the time, Hua found themselves already in a war with JTovar of South Germany, otherwise known as Austria. Immediately a peace was called between South Germany and Hungary, and Hua called for his allies, namely Creepy Potato, leading Genoa, Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz of the Poland - Lithuanian Commonwealth, and JurassicGentlemen of the Kingdom of Spain to join the war against the Ottoman aggressors. The Ottoman Empire only had two allies at the time, notably, the Crimean Khanate, lead by Discord user Orange and their vassal state, Moldavia, who was being roleplayed at the time by GrangerAir_02, though the Ottoman forces were substantially bigger than any single other combatant of the conflict.

In the East, the Crimean Khanate would’ve exploited a distracted Polish - Lithuanian Commonwealth, interested in annexing some of their provinces to strengthen their own power. Only a few skirmishes happened between their forces, the front was relatively quiet.

The Moldavian front saw 16,000 Moldavians and an additional 40,000 Ottomans under their immediate control face off against a highly trained Polish - Lithuanian force. The battles on that front were brutal, waves of Moldavians and Ottomans would be cut down by the opposing muskets and artillery, and the famed Polish Lithuanian Behemoth cavalry, the Winged Hussars.

In the end, the numbers of the Moldavian - Ottoman force would force their way into, and slaughter their enemies, and bringing Poland - Lithuania to the negotiating table.

The main front was the Hungarian front. A numerous Ottoman force would storm their way through Hungarian Transylvania, and into the heartland only just when the opposing forces had organized to react.

It proved to be the bloodiest front of the war. Though the Hungarians and their allies in Genoa would have perhaps a technological advantage, the Ottoman enemy would prove to be too numerous for them to handle. Hungary would have been conquered by the Ottoman Empire, only after almost every Hungarian soldier was killed off, many refusing to bend their knees to the Muslims until the very end.

In the peace treaty, the Ottomans would emerge victorious. Hungary lost their Transylvanian lands to Moldavia, and their coastline and Croatia to a released Croatia, of which an Ottoman - Friendly monarch had been instituted in the new country. Poland - Lithuania lost less, though they still lost a single province to Moldavia, allowing the vassal to border the Crimean Khanate, of which had taken around half a dozen territories in Ukraine from Poland - Lithuania.
The Ottoman Empire’s place in Europe would’ve been solidified after the war, as their golden age of expansion and conquest continues into the 17th century.

Movement in the Roleplay ranks:
The week had proved to be an interesting one for the roster of players of the Roleplay. Some players would return to the roleplay, a few new players would join and more players left of their own volition, or were forced to leave due to inactivity.
Firstly, two new players would have joined the Roleplay. Discord user RedSock would take the reins of the Russian Tsardom on Wednesday the 24th of February, 2021, though so far he has proved to be inactive, unfortunately. In addition, the Mughal Empire of India would find themselves with a player now, being user Literally Atheist. This player joined the role-play on Monday the 22nd of February, 2021, and has made some impact already, forming an alliance with Safavid Persia, led by A Human Being.
Two other role-players, who had left their nations behind beforehand have rejoined. Firstly, on the previous Friday, the 19th of February, the… Well, my leaving proved to be short-lived. I, or otherwise user GrangerAir_02 had not returned to Scotland, the previous country I was roleplaying, instead, I would choose to take the reins of the Joseon Dynasty of Korea.
In addition, user Orange had in addition left for a short spell, only to rejoin on Monday the 22nd of February, 2021, only this time he had chosen to role-play the Crimean Khanate instead of Russia.

A few people had left the Roleplay this week. Perhaps the most surprising was the user by the name of Person, who had not only been ruling the powerful Swedish Empire but was a Role-play admin of the server.
However, after a week of inactivity, on Tuesday the 23rd of February 2021, he would’ve been forced to recede his title of Role-play admin, and in addition the nation of Sweden as he was kicked for inactivity by the other admins.
Earlier, on Sunday the 21st of February, both Hole Man of Prussia and Legion Polski of Bohemia were forced to leave due to inactivity. Prussia was taken once more on a later date by YeetGod, before leaving on Friday the 26th of February 2021.

Other news and trivia:
The Discord user Hua had remained adamant after his defeat in the Ottoman - European war that he’d stay as a Hungary, though he’d be the original government in exile in JurassicGentlemen’s Spanish lands, forming The Magyar Mercenaries’ Guild, dedicated to raiding the Ottoman Empire and eventually reclaiming their homeland.
Hua hung his hat on this idea soon enough, when most of the Guild was ambushed by the Ottoman Empire and Safavid Persia under A Human Being when attempting to trade with Persia.
Now, he is roleplaying the nation of Pomerania, in north Germany and Poland. He became the main reason why Discord user YeetGod left his position as Prussia.

After Discord user Person was forced to leave Sweden and his position as Role-play admin, we would’ve seen two new admins enter the fray.

Firstly, an old Role-play admin, going by the discord username Sovan would be promoted once more to join the ranks, filling the place that Person’s acquittal caused.

Secondly, we would see the promotion of a Colonial roleplayer by the discord username GrangerAir_02 (That’s me!) be allowed the position of Trainee Admin, joining the likes of Huniko and Hua in the role.

The Manchurian tribes, after a long fight between each other, would finally be unified by the Jurchens (lead by discord user Annoying), and would proclaim the Later Jin Dynasty.

A Human Being, the Discord user leading Safavid Persia has been on a unique quest. Instead of being embroiled in the wars or Europe, or the complexity of the Chinese Civil War, a fleet of Safavid ships had sailed from the Hormuz strait, all the way to the coasts of Norway in order to hunt the mythical Kraken. This was ordered by the Sultan of the Safavids, and though the request may have seemed a little farfetched, the sailors came home with a live Giant Squid.
The Squid and the Sultan have seemingly created a bond with each other… One of the more strange stories of the Colonial Role-play.

The Ming Dynasty of China, without a suitable heir to the throne of Emperor, would explode into civil war, and eleven different Chinese warlords would rise from the ashes, instantly going into armed conflict with each other as they attempt to reclaim the Mandate of Heaven.

The Oirat Khanates would have annexed the Yuhaun Turks quickly, and it seems that plans are underway for the Later Jin Dynasty led by Annoying and the Joseon Dynasty of Korea, led by GrangerAir_02 are planning for the invasion and annexation of the Jochi Mao Deng.

NationStates Roleplay News:
The original roleplay, hosted by NationStates user South Acren had been called off on Friday, the 26th of February 2021 as it proved to stray too far from its original intentions, rules were not followed and FailRP caused its downfall.
However, the NationStates nation of Tsarstvo Alyaski, otherwise known by his… Well, my Discord username GrangerAir_02, previously a Co-op admin, had created another roleplay, aimed to be a soft reboot of the old one, with revamped rules and guidelines, and extra clarity in order to avoid the problems of which the older, bust roleplay had. Lead by Head Admin Tsarstvo Alyaski, and with four Co-op Admins, that being the NationStates nations of Solosisa, Stephaniesland, South Acren, and Svenska-Britannia, this roleplay, named The Reformation: Recovering from the Cataclysm, is already proving to be off to a good start. A small list of what has already happened will be provided below:

Nine nations have risen from the ashes of the Cataclysm of the 1940s, each in their own regions of Earth. These include: [ The Union of South Polynesia, The Arab Union of Xenick, The Undying Soviet Sciences Republics, The Dominion of America, The People’s Republic of Alaska, The Kingdom of Iberia, The Kingdom of Hrvatska and Svenska-Britannia.

Svenska-Britannia and the Undying Soviet Sciences Republics face off in the Baltics upon detection of each other. Currently, no side is willing to engage each other with their fleets, but they are both actively working against each other still.

The Kingdom of Iberia makes the first contact with the Union of South Polynesia via long-range communication, and the Union of South Polynesia has in addition made contact with the Dominion of America.

This Layem Times Article Dispatch was edited and coded by Editor-in-Chief Baaas, written by our RP team, and made possible by readers like you, thank you!