by Max Barry

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by The Fallen Kingdom of Red Flame Nation. . 4 reads.

Waiting in The Wings

Guess we all are born with parts to play
some of us are stars-
and some are just in the way

I know I could be better
but that's never what my story brings

And yet I keep on waiting

When you have the passion and the drive-
You expect the moment center stage to arrive

I show up with heart a blazing, wanting to achieve amazing things
But I'm left waiting in the wings

I heard my cue, and yet I kept there waiting
Know what to do, and yet I stand there waiting

It's always someone else who sings, while I'm left waiting in the wings!

And so I keep on keeping on
My chances come, and then I blink and they're gone.

Always over looked
while pretending that it barely stings-

But it stings!
Yes it stings!


I'll shed no tears!
I'll only keep on waiting!
If no one cheers, well I can't keep on waiting!
who cares how long the silence rings?!

You'll find me waiting in the wings......